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I Know Who Gets My Vote

My husband was reading a book about Barack Obama to the kids tonight, and it mentioned that he was the 44th president overall but the first who was African-American. 201 more words

Gay Dad

Kafka, Cockroaches and School Ground Mothers

Coming out to my (ex) wife, friends and colleagues was no easy feat, needless to say. I also had to have conversations with people I really didn’t want to have anything to do with (e.g. 364 more words

Coming Out

The beginning (...or the end)

As I was packing for my next work trip I had no idea my time across the ocean was going to trigger the events that would change many people’s lives forever. 385 more words

Coming Out

A Gay Dad Draws Protest from the Penguin Play School and Responds

As writers and/or activists enter the public discussions, they tend to adopt a style and way of communicating that works for them. If you are Dan Savage, you devise… 1,692 more words


The Enforcer

Teddy has chosen a side and it is not mine. It’s not that he doesn’t love me, because he does. We cuddle and play all day and night. 205 more words

I suppose I'll show...

I skirt around this issue a lot, but let me be honest with you…I am an alcoholic.  I have been sober for 4 3/4’s years, 57 months, 1,737 days, and 41,665 hours…yeah, my sobriety is important to me.   809 more words

Season of love... (by Benson)

Winter is over!?

This winter has been very tough to the east coast, a lot of snow and extremely cold.  My office has been closed for a couple times due to the inclement weather. 182 more words