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Aaron's Need!

“That’s your fucking problem!” Marc huffed in Aaron’s ear! “You need a fucking Daddy! You need someone to control you and your pussy!” Marc had Aaron half naked in the apartment complex stairwell. 1,773 more words

A 25 Boys Not To Date Post Your Valentine’s Day Slump

As you reel out of your Valentine’s Day hangover and pull out the last of the heart-shaped confetti from your hair, know that the worst is behind. 710 more words


Forget you

Few weekends ago, I was at a bar with my friends, Cole, Sam, and Warren and across the bar is was a gay couple. They were married judging by their wedding rings. 261 more words


Am I Having a Relationship Cold Feet?

Based on the last post you must think I will be writing about my new boyfriend. But, hold up I have something else to say. 1,611 more words


Gay Dating Is Highly Popular and Entertaining Way To Meet New People

Millions of people all over the world us or have tried online dating, and gay dating are responsible for introducing countless happily married couples. You will need to complete a profile to join a speed dating site, so they can match you with people looking for someone similar to you, but it is nowhere near as in depth as the profiles on the traditional sites – for people to get to know each other they have to ask each other questions in the online speed dating chats. 72 more words

Oh, gay cupid

I can confidently say I am not the only one who hates Valentine’s day. In my opinion, there is unrealistic pressure for a couple to show their love towards his/her partner by going out to the most expensive restaurant, buying chocolates, flowers and cards. 409 more words


Body shame.

America is obsessed with football. I just can’t imagine what’s so exciting watching burly men in tights throw and catch a ball, drinking lots of booze, eating unhealthy foods and occasionally laughing at funny commercials. 389 more words