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Therapy (Make Me Happy)

Make me happy. 

So to make sure that I am always evolving as a person, I continue with staying honest. I am always honest about what goes on in my life. 1,605 more words

Gay's in the Suburbs

While this may seem like the title of a new hit TV show (pauses and makes notes for future pitch to TV company) this is more about how living in the suburbs can kill your sex life. 886 more words


Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn’t Date Me

I’ve somehow managed to make it an entire year without getting just wine-drunk enough to completely throw my self-esteem into the garbage and download Tinder. I’m going to go ahead and give myself a big ole pat on the back because the temptation has been extremely over-whelming. 938 more words

Pointless Posts

Three Strikes

“I’m never going to date again!” This was what I proclaimed to my faggles one Sunday over brunch.

Our table was a hangover of Bloody Mary’s, Diet Cokes, and guacamole. 1,638 more words

Life in the small town

If any of you have ever travelled to/lived in/been banished to (delete as appropriate) a small town in the Highlands you may know that they are, most definitely, not a gay Mecca. 523 more words


The Canadian's

The Canadians are taking over!!!

OK probably not but I have in the last 3 months met more Canadians then I have met in my whole entire life. 394 more words


Is He Gay or Straight? Tips for Approaching in Public

Tips for gay people who are nervous to approach potentially straight people in public. I discuss why it’s normal to be afraid, and some safe ways to approach someone before you miss your chance.