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The Illusion To Catch the Uncatchable 

I guess I must have came on strong some how. I hate dating games. I liked you. I let you know that. I don’t understand how that is wrong. 195 more words

Gay Dating

The Bad Personality

Over the course of the past dozen failed attempts at dating I’ve experienced over the past few months, one thing is becoming painfully apparent: I am really bad at it.   508 more words


Number Twelve : The It-Boy

Twelve. Where do I begin?

Grindr’s geo-location tag says that he stays three blocks away. For gay men, that’s the same as being next door neighbours. 978 more words


252. inconnu

Our universe is all about building new life from death.

Like the creation of the world from the body of Ymir the frost giant in Norse mythology, the elements that made life on this planet even possible originated in the violent deaths of massive stars billions of years ago. 978 more words


Do Gay Men Only Grind & No Longer Date?

It happens every day that a hopeful gay man swipes through his phone, taps an app, and open’s up a yellow and black emblem that resembles a mask of secrecy (or a face of death) and with all the minute hope and anticipation that he’s going to find someone worth communicating with, he settles for hours of scrolling and tapping that leads nowhere. 661 more words

Gay Dating

251. convive

Last week I received an invitation to the annual Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus holiday concert. This year’s title/theme is “Under the mistletoe: a holiday romance.” As much of an institution as TCGMC certainly is for Minneapolis, for me, their programs have always been far too campy and saccharine. 982 more words


The truth about love

Some people don’t love you. They don’t even care about you. They just want to stay connected to you. They love the benefits. They love the attention you give them because it makes them feel good about themselves. 281 more words