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Guy #118 - Dating alone together...

Sex is like food. Whether it’s caviar, a Happy Meal or anything in between, sex is something to look forward to. But unless it’s masturbation sex is not a dish you eat alone. 666 more words

Guy #113 - The one I told my mother about...

My mother and I never talked about my love life. We maintained a silently agreed upon don’t ask don’t tell policy, which meant I ran off every time the subject of love and sex appeared on the horizon. 610 more words

No. 12 | Hello,

I went to Toronto last spring for two reasons: the first was to attend an open house for a university I was considering attending; the other was to say hello to an ex-boyfriend, the only ex-boyfriend I had at the time. 1,049 more words


Guy #112 - Gayspeak.

Social awkwardness is like quicksand: The more you fight it, the more you drown.

I drowned the night I met and did Guy #112. I believe we both did, but I will never know for sure. 582 more words

No. 11 | Long Weekend, two

Previously on Life from the Closet…

“We’re dating, right? I’m surprised you think that four months is a long time. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re on our way.

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No. 10 | Long Weekend

I had a solid alibi: Having just graduated, my best friend Audrey would be hosting a celebratory lunch party for her closest friends, myself, included. While everyone is supposed to sleep over at my grandparents’ place after, Audrey’s mom would suggest that the girls sleepover at her house and the boys at my grandparents’, so it wouldn’t look like we were planning a weird after-party orgy. 1,304 more words


Alcohol and fuckery and men etc

Another date this weekend. A drunken one. Again. Nice guy. Probably wont see him again. Weekend drinking recently has made me consider my relationship with alcohol. 293 more words