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It's all Greek to me

Oh, hey there! Nice of you to stop by. I have a treat for you … another guest post! This one comes courtesy of a lovely gent we’ll call Ernie (whom I hope won’t be a stranger ’round these here parts). 774 more words


Dating and Theatre - A Comparison

Hey! Sorry for not writing sooner, been busy with a new job and going to the theatre. I love theatre, and I think in some ways, they’re very similar to first dates. 324 more words


How to Make a Lesbian Fall for You on the First Date

Having a first date that leads to a second is a function of a your ability to blend old world etiquette with awareness of modern societal expectations. 566 more words

Gay Dating

So You're a THOT? Try long distance.

THOT = that hoe over there. I was extremely lucky to have a small relationship just a smidgen greater than a fling with a huge THOT. 1,038 more words

Online Dating - Is it all it's cracked up to be?

Firstly, hello and welcome! Thank you to my new followers and anybody who has visited, do come again, make yourselves comfortable! Take a seat, grab yourself any drink of your choosing (Tea, gin and tonic, wine, whatever you fancy) and read on! 558 more words


The Boys of Grindr

This story is for all those guys who just can take a hint.

I’ll admit it, I have Grindr. You know the popular app used by gay guys and the occasional questioning straight guy to find other guys to meet and well do whatever you want with. 574 more words


5 Reasons Why the Internet is Best for Gay Dating

These days, there are many ways to meet new people with whom you could potentially form a new relationship. One of these is to join a gay dating site such as gay.adults.co.uk. 30 more words