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What Are You Afraid Of?

I don’t like games. What’s the point in them? If two people like each other why can’t they just say it and go from there? Yeah, each one has their own stuff they are dealing with. 370 more words

Gay Dating

Gay Dating and My Absolutely Foolish Mind Fuck

Cigarettes – 6! In a row! (FML!) Mind – Absolutely fucked, obviously! Current Song – lip syncing to Cry – Kelly Clarkson! Enough! Let’s start now, I want to vent!

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Dear Diary

The Best Break Up Line I've Ever Heard

This tall, strapping lad asked me out on a date. I obviously agreed because he was extremely dreamy. Not only was he easy on the eyes, but we had a ton in common.. 838 more words

Here Comes the Sun - Nina Simone

featured in the season finale of Scandal, a great love of mine, Ms. Nina Simone

for Stephen


How about IHOP?

So I went on one Grindr date in my life. And oh, it was quite the doozey. This kid with a picture of him in a black tank with ear buds in started messaging me. 740 more words

The First Kiss - How Soon Is Too Soon?

The dating scene can be rough. Gay, straight, alien from Mars; whether on Tinder or at your local bar, your experiences can prove to be less than favourable. 284 more words


How to Initiate Handholding on a Date

When you’re having a good time on a date, and feel like you could bring it to the next level of physical contact, hand holding is the next step. 375 more words

Lesbian Love