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Where Did I Leave Off?

Sorry. I didn’t mean to pause my writing for so long. 13 days, to be exact. I meant to write a post before I headed overseas, but time got away from me. 400 more words


Waiting for my nudes to be leaked

Hey I need you to test something for me.

Did you know that if you send someone a video via direct message on Instagram, that the other person can save it with no notification?

274 more words

Someone I hooked up with has a blog. Uh oh.

The Hook Up

It all started after a trivia night in 2016 for the Brisbane Hustlers (Brisbane’s all inclusive* football team). Where do you go when you’ve spent 3 hours failing at trivia and drinking anything in sight? 588 more words


The older guy and too much wine

This one had so much potential but I always forget I can’t handle white wine.

Another Grindr story. This guy actually had a face photo up and he seemed nice. 651 more words

Gay Dating

The short guy and the pocket dial

This one was honestly doomed from the start.

I started speaking to a guy on Grindr. I’m not the guy on Grindr searching for a midnight (or midday) hookup. 994 more words

Gay Dating

56 Things You'll Think Of as You Wait For Your Date

You are here.

You’ve been seated at your table, and are waiting for your date to show up. Unless you are the debonair, enigmatic gentleman that we all crave to be, your mind’s going to be a barrage of questions — will he like you? 731 more words


The 40 Lies You'll Tell Yourself While You Are Out On A Date

As adults, we lie to ourselves about a lot of things. We lie about happiness, we lie about failure, we lie about how we did not deserve that DUI ticket that one time, we lie about how we can pull off neon green, and we lie about how our parents love us as much as they love our over-achieving siblings. 651 more words