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An Alisa Review : Meik & Sebastian (Obsessed #1) by Quin Perin

Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Obsessed – to preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

Meik Lennen… 318 more words


It's getting hot around here...

And it’s not just because it’s summer time! Stick around we have more Man on Man action coming your way. Join this blog if you’re so inclined to get info on all of our hot new releases. 34 more words

Getting Lucky

**previously published on Hot Chili Erotica** – suffice to say, this is not safe for work…

I am not this lucky.

Lewis stares up at his bedroom ceiling in a silence that only comes of it being the middle of the night, and lets his fingers creep across the mattress, until they come into the reassuring contact that is skin on warm skin. 3,398 more words

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why do women read & like gay erotica?

Why do women read gay erotica? What do women see in guys having sex?

In What women want: Gay male romance novels

“The uber-masculine stock characters portrayed in gay romances have always had great appeal with heterosexual women,” Rinaldo Walcott, an associate sociology professor at the University of Toronto…

383 more words


Todd and Eric have been fooling around together for a while now, though it’s never got beyond much more than a lot of drunken fumbling. That’s about to change… 2,869 more words

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From The Road

Aaron’s boyfriend is away on a road trip and calls him from the road to get them both a little relief.

This is NOT safe for work, just to warn you. 2,780 more words

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