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Buy 'Bachelor Auction Boss' – Sweet Gay Romance!

Will doesn’t mind when his company HR officer, Elizabeth, ropes him into charity events. Well, to be quite accurate, he minds, but he knows better than to protest. 54 more words

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Buy 'Post-Life Options, A, B and C' – Paranormal Gay Romance!

Cole is in love, but it doesn’t do him a lot of good. That’s because he’s in love with the ghost who’s haunting him, the ghost of his fire-fighter neighbour Sam, who died six months ago. 24 more words

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Nightingale - an excerpt

From the Journals of the Viadine…

They Walk the Earth Among Mortal Men…

The Fallen, having descended to earth, vulnerable to all manner of earthly pleasure and sin, were barred forevermore from Heaven.

1,082 more words
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Tainted By Our Choices

Tainted by our choices is a contemporary romance that has flashbacks, sex, environmental awareness, and a slight fixation on dessert. Potentially all at the same time. 200 more words

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The Entomologist and NoSpiders-Man – 3

The Entomologist and NoSpiders-Man – 3

They’d nodded at each other in the mornings and evenings and in the utility room in the basement, the rare occasions Adam had spotted the smooth handsome newcomer, so far. 146 more words

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Buy 'Famous, Foolish, Full-on Love' - Gay Celebrity Crush Romance!

So Mark has gone from a hopeless long-standing crush on his old college friend – who’s now international film-star Danny Lang – to being his secret boyfriend. 67 more words

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