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Day #720:Do You Have an Upper Limiting Problem?

You finally got that promotion you have been working on for months/years. Then suddenly your mind goes ‘my boss is looking at me funny, I screwed up a presentation or sent the wrong email to a client’. 525 more words

The Fourth Rule of Ten

love this Dharma Detective series by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay, and this newest mystery continues to shine!  (There are three previous stories… 148 more words

Book Review

Gay Hendricks, PhD Quote.

Hendricks, G. (2000). Conscious living: Finding joy in the real world. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco.


Are you sure this is what I ordered?

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.
-Maya Angelou

As with so many quotations found on the interwebs, I cannot be completely certain that this one is correctly attributed to Mother Maya, but it does sound like her. 881 more words

Wednesday Crushing: The Light Filled Leonie Dawson

This smiling face right there above is my Wednesday Crush! She is a pretty amazing lady and totally calls out to my quirky left-brain self! 466 more words


The Only Thing in the Way of What You Really Want: You

Before I went to Tulum, people kept telling me of its magic and amazing, healing energy. I knew I would love it. Why then, did I find myself at the airport, regretting my decision and wishing to stay in New York instead (when the city was, by the way, below freezing)? 951 more words


When Things Get Too Good

I should have seen it coming–should have predicted it a week or so ago. After a glorious 50th anniversary celebration for my small-sized, big-hearted congregation, and the promise of my favorite singer-songwriter’s CD release concert tomorrow night, I began to feel achy yesterday afternoon. 635 more words