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Hope for Homeless Teens, by Rich Paschall

Yesterday we presented a fictional story about a gay teen tossed out of his home.  The story is based — in part — on elements I know to be true.  654 more words


More Fake Hate Exposed - Whole Foods Suing Texas Pastor Who Manufactured a Hoax Lawsuit - Gay Cake Accuser....

A left-wing gay activist and Texas pastor, Jordan Brown, is now facing serious legal issues for manufacturing a fake lawsuit against the grocery store Whole Foods in Austin Texas. 394 more words

Media Bias

Editorial #2: Pallister and insulting comments, unions, homosexuals, abortion and misremembering; by Deanna Jay-Aych

©Deanna Jay-Aych

I honestly don’t care if Pallister owns 100 mansions all over the world. His conduct and his intentions are far more important to me. 189 more words


Wpg Sun: "Brian Pallister arrogant & secretive"; Wpg Free Press: "Pallister won't respond truthfully" by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

“People of Manitoba can rest easy knowing that Pallister plans to visit Manitoba a little more if he is elected Premier”

Well, aren’t we lucky to be graced by his presence.   672 more words


Why I get riled up- or, the beginning of my manifesto

My habit of checking my Facebook news feed right upon waking sometimes has its downsides… I woke up to this article, reporting the Pope’s official stance on issues of family. 641 more words

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band take a stand against bigotry in North Carolina...by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Being a fan of Bruce Springsteen my whole life, I am so very proud to see him and his band stand up to the neanderthal legislation which was recently passed in North Carolina.   493 more words