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Covering the LGBT Community

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Covering a story based on a specific racial, gender identity or sexual orientation group that is not your own can be difficult. 429 more words


Dear Hearts

I know two book reviews in two days is a lot but bear with me here.

Those of you who know me and are expecting several London restaurant posts to appear over the coming days, I promise faithfully they will appear soon. 714 more words


Kentucky Clerk Jailed By Federal Judge For Non-Issuance of Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples...

Hired by election and fully supported by her community, county clerk Kim Davis is handcuffed and jailed by a U.S. Marshall and federal judge.  Note that Davis is afforded no religious accommodation by the same federal government which mandates -by law- religious accommodation within the private sector for all employees. 227 more words

Dem Hypocrisy

Kentucky's Mini-Gods

Rowan County, Kentucky

County Clerk Kim Davis was a “born again sinner” and claims that, since that day, she has “pledged the rest of her life to the service of the Lord.” To Kim Davis that pledge apparently means that she has become the sole arbiter, interpreter and executor of God’s word. 262 more words

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