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Local Church Installs $60,000 Gaydar Machine

The local First Church has sunk a large chunk of money into a machine they believe will help them identify and ban gay people from their church sanctuary. 525 more words


New Teen Fiction: Fans of the Impossible Life - Kate Scelsa

This story of three outsiders — a girl, her gay best friend, and the boy who is in love with them both — may remind some of… 475 more words


Moonbattery Alert - Target Stores Remove "Oppressive" Gender Labels From Kid's Sections....

In the era of Caitlyn, pop culture releases the hounds of cultural marxism

(Via Bloomberg) Target Corp. is removing gender labels from most of its children’s departments after customers complained about signs designating certain toys for girls. 146 more words

Murderous Reviews - Dying for You (Rafferty & Llewellyn #06) - Geraldine Evans (2004)

Rafferty, feeling the blues of loneliness washing over him while his Welsh sidekick is on honeymoon, decides to enrol in a Dating Agency. Unwilling, for reasons that are not entirely clear, to enrol under his own name, he borrows the identity and the rather tight suit of his cousin, Nigel Blythe, and pretends to be an estate agent. 329 more words

Detective Novels

The dilemma

The hurdle we face as gay Asian men in a search for a partner is that we will always be seen as lacking essential qualities… Often times, it’s something as superficial as the way we look but sometimes it goes beyond that… 917 more words

This Is Your Life.. Or My Life Really. Whatever, Pedants.

The Space Willies - Eric Frank Russell (1958)

‘An Earthman’s tongue is his deadliest weapon

There was a common understanding in the Space Navy that scout-pilots were a breed apart–cocksure, reckless, and slightly nuts. 391 more words


State of Oregon Issues Gag Order To Stop Christian Bakery From Discussing $135,000 Fine For Not Making Cake For Same Sex Couple...

This is what happens when single issue activists are supported by the State and take judicial action against Christians. Not only did this couple lose their freedom of religion, but they also are forced to lose their freedom of speech… 153 more words

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