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Gay Texas Pastor and Hate Hoaxer Apologizes To Whole Foods and Drops Lawsuit...

This is a follow-up to an earlier story from April.  The pastor has admitted to making the entire thing up.  Whole Foods has a counter lawsuit against Pastor Jordan Brown for perpetrating fraud and defamation. 230 more words

The not-so-Infamous North Carolina Bathroom Law

From the Associated Press today: “U.S. Attorney General Says NC Bathroom Law Is Part of Civil Rights Struggle”

U.S. AG Loretta Lynch is asserting that the North Carolina law that limits the use of toilet and locker room facilities by transgender people to the facility that “corresponds with their birth certificate” is an infraction of civil rights laws. 395 more words


Ted Cruz Coalition Want Bathroom Laws In Republican Party Platform...

This story is an example why the republican party consistently loses against the progressive left.   In response to the ridiculous, albeit recent, NC bathroom laws (which the MSM are having fun bashing conservatives on the head with) the Ted Cruz constituency wants to write bathroom laws into the 2016 republican party platform. 254 more words


Hope for Homeless Teens, by Rich Paschall

Yesterday we presented a fictional story about a gay teen tossed out of his home.  The story is based — in part — on elements I know to be true.  654 more words


More Fake Hate Exposed - Whole Foods Suing Texas Pastor Who Manufactured a Hoax Lawsuit - Gay Cake Accuser....

A left-wing gay activist and Texas pastor, Jordan Brown, is now facing serious legal issues for manufacturing a fake lawsuit against the grocery store Whole Foods in Austin Texas. 394 more words

Media Bias

Editorial #2: Pallister and insulting comments, unions, homosexuals, abortion and misremembering; by Deanna Jay-Aych

©Deanna Jay-Aych

I honestly don’t care if Pallister owns 100 mansions all over the world. His conduct and his intentions are far more important to me. 189 more words


Wpg Sun: "Brian Pallister arrogant & secretive"; Wpg Free Press: "Pallister won't respond truthfully" by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

“People of Manitoba can rest easy knowing that Pallister plans to visit Manitoba a little more if he is elected Premier”

Well, aren’t we lucky to be graced by his presence.   672 more words