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A Wedding For My Son

Who knew what my life would hold for me when my beautiful son came into my life on August 17, 1986!  He came into this world in a difficult way.  1,476 more words

Gay Issues

Gay Pride Month: Why The Fight Goes On

Ah, the year 2017.  It’s a far cry from 1969, but in some ways, not so much.  Given that society is generally more accepting of different lifestyles today, you’ll still find the old hold outs who view anything other than white Anglo-Saxon Protestant as an abomination in the eyes of whatever god they worship.  1,088 more words


For muxes, Mexican males who dress as women and are socially accepted, every month is Pride month.

In 1970, the month of June was named National Pride Month, a year after the famous Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village located in New York City. 681 more words


Private Eye Magazine's LGBT Problem

I wanted to start this blog post with a paragraph chock full of Private Eye magazine’s admirable qualities. At first try I wrote things such as ‘satirical vehicle’, ‘British institution’, ‘biting investigative journalism’ etc: and at least one favourable comparison to Hogarth. 2,155 more words


Murderous Reviews: Murder in Steeple Martin - Lesley Cookman (2012)

Oh dear.
Libby Sarjeant, a divorced older woman, has moved to the village of Steeple Martin, where she is directing a play in the village’s new theatre, written by her friend Peter and based on events related to his family during World War II. 700 more words


I was never taught about Harvey Milk

This is not my victory, it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” -Harvey Milk…

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