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10-26-15 The Owl At Night

moon and me,

the owl asleep at night,


with eyes wide open,

unaware of why

the day light leaves

streaks of glitter

on my face where… 16 more words

Are you subconsciously trying to make your kids straight?

Are you?

I started the process of switching my 11 year old son over from his pediatrician to the family doctor. Yesterday we attended his first appointment with the Nurse Practitioner and as she chatted with him she asks a few casual questions to loosen him up. 1,031 more words

An Open Letter to the gay boy featured in Humans of New York:


My name is Joey. I’m as gay as it gets. I saw your post via Humans of New York and my heart broke. I felt like I was looking into a mirror that allowed me to take a look back in time to see and hear my thoughts. 738 more words

Friday Four: Age Appropriate Tragic Conversations with Children

“Stop burning these churches and killing each other over race! This crap is scaring my children.”

I am the wife and mother to NINE children. We have a 4 boys under 9, 3 living teen girls under 17 and one college son in his early 20’s ….. 539 more words


When I knew I was gay...

So, I’ve just started this blog, I’ve got a few followers and… Now what?

Well, it is way too early to deal with the heavy stuff, so I thought I would start with one of the most common questions I’ve faced in my journey: when did I know I was gay? 828 more words


Post Retreat Letdown

There’s nothing worse than going to a shabbaton and having an incredible experience with other people who are like you, learning new things, feeling ready to change your life and then coming home.

436 more words

The Beginning of Our Journey

I will only write from my perspective, maybe one day Shea will want to share his story in his own words. But this is my story. 958 more words