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What I know for sure (the butch version)

With apologies to Oprah …

What I know for sure

1. The butchest woman in the room will always have the prettiest name like Daisy or Pitter, which is the sound a fairy wing makes when it flutters in the open air. 174 more words


MDA3400: All for queer!

During the development of my dissertation I discovered that I wanted a new target audience. Originally I wanted to write a ‘coming out’ story that would reach a wide mainstream audience, gay and straight, but I soon realised that as a gay woman I was actually fed up of watching ‘coming out’ stories, stories of falling in love and stories that address homosexuality as not the 163 more words

BA Film.


I was watching TV today while folding the laundry.  That’s when I saw a promo for a new show.


Genius, I thought.

I didn’t even have to watch the clip to know what it was all about. 145 more words


REVIEW: The Fiend Queen

The Fiend Queen

By Barbara Ann Wright

Okay, let me start of by saying, I probably didn’t enjoy this book because I didn’t realize it was part of a series. 204 more words


A slice of butch life

So, I woke up this morning in a really great mood.  Perky , you could say.  Yes, you heard that right.  This butch was feeling perky this morning. 250 more words


Me and W in NYC

W and I are heading to the Big Apple tomorrow.

We have tickets to see Kinky Boots.  Because drag queens.  We’re planning on paying a visit to Stonewall and having dinner nearby.  22 more words


Good things come in twos

It was good to be this butch today.

First, I got a belated birthday gift.  When I wasn’t even expecting one.  And it is awesome. 240 more words