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Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, Austria!

Back in January, I dragged my boyfriend Eamonn and a few friends over to a gay travel expo in London, hosted by Gay Star News Travel… 433 more words


'Don't,' said the butch

So, what have we learned from these last two posts?

No. 1: Middle-age butch has trouble with letting go.

No. 2: Never glitter a butch. 207 more words


The butch and the faerie festival

One Saturday, a butch went to a May Day celebration held on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania.  The event was actually called the “Faerie Festival,” and many attendees came in costume. 423 more words


REVIEW: Twice Lucky

Twice Lucky

By Mardi Alexander

Mac is a shy firefighter whose life is consumed by the work she loves. When Mac’s path crosses with Sarah, an Emergency Room doctor, Mac begins to realize there are more than just the flames she fights on the job. 83 more words


What I know for sure (the butch version)

With apologies to Oprah …

What I know for sure

1. The butchest woman in the room will always have the prettiest name like Daisy or Pitter, which is the sound a fairy wing makes when it flutters in the open air. 174 more words


MDA3400: All for queer!

During the development of my dissertation I discovered that I wanted a new target audience. Originally I wanted to write a ‘coming out’ story that would reach a wide mainstream audience, gay and straight, but I soon realised that as a gay woman I was actually fed up of watching ‘coming out’ stories, stories of falling in love and stories that address homosexuality as not the 163 more words

BA Film.


I was watching TV today while folding the laundry.  That’s when I saw a promo for a new show.


Genius, I thought.

I didn’t even have to watch the clip to know what it was all about. 145 more words