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SMACKED, deservedly so

SMACKED, deservedly so

I was poking around this morning. Usual get the day going stuff, coffee, email, coffee, news feeds, coffee, you get the idea. Saw a goodie by a friend on FB and left a comment. 302 more words


T-shirt drama

W and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary tomorrow.  You can read about our wedding here.

I will have a table at OutFest in Philly promoting my book. 107 more words


What Fun Home taught me about being gay

When I was coming out 10 plus years ago, I was pretty sure I was doing it all wrong. Not so much the coming out part, but the being gay part. 324 more words


Winner, winner, YOU are the biggest lesbian ever

You know you’re a humongous lesbian when you get engaged to your lady friend. And you happen to be a lady, too.  Plus, foam trucker caps. 101 more words


On the Run

I wrote this post two days ago; a lot has happened since then.  I didn’t even get a chance to put any pictures in!  Anyway, I’m publishing it now but know I’ll follow up with an update as soon as I can. 807 more words

Chronic Illness

هل يولد الناس مثليون ؟ نظرة علمية موضوعية

حينما نريد أن نتناول هذا الموضوع تحت المجهر يجب علينا أولاً الابتعاد عن  أية تأثيرات دينية أو ثقافية أو بيئية .. فكما هو معلوم فإن الأديان و بالأخص دين الإسلام يرفض المثلية رفضاً تاماً


Biggest lesbian ever contest

Last weekend, I did, perhaps, the lez-iest thing ever.

I went to the vet with my lesbian wife and two of our cats.  Bodhi and Sammy.  185 more words