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In their own words: Same-Gender Attraction and the Christian Faith

Could a man (or woman) have same-sex attraction and still remain faithfully married, raising a family and be a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or a Christian? 1,567 more words

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I've been thinking about suicide

… but that post didn’t work out, so I’m writing about homosexuals instead.

It seems an athlete named Steward Butler has been accused of attacking two men who were kissing each other. 507 more words

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CALL THEM HOMOSEXUAL OR GAY, THEY CAN BE PRETTY DAMN AGGRESSIVE AND ANNOYING. village people This reblog features a post by Jew Among You that discusses his personal experiences at being aggressively pursued by gay males. Growing up in the New Orleans area, I had occasions to venture into the French Quarter as a teen, since my uncle, who drank too much, liked to hit the bars there. While out looking for him, it was common for obvious homosexuals to harass me. I was actually age 15 or 16, but looked age 12. Thus, I learned early on that homos have a strong attraction to underage boys. JAY's stories are less repulsive than mine, but are repulsive enough. Homophobia? No, we just want them to leave us alone.

Colourless People.

Do you find that sometimes people you may have known for an extended period of time as friends or acquaintances change, or ‘fade away’? In which their vitality seeps away and they become something lesser. 1,435 more words


Obama administration lifts 32-year-old ban on gay / bisexual men donating blood

Breitbart News reports.


The Obama administration, more interested in pleasing its LGBT supporters than in protecting the health of the general public, is proposing “new rules” through the FDA that would terminate the 32-year-old ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men.

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During my weekly Saturday philosophy class, I came across the following story by Rudyard Kipling, the English poet and writer who, in 1894 famously penned… 343 more words

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What happened to all the twinks? I’m not referring to the beautiful, jacked-up 20 year-old boys who make their livings dancing half naked on podiums and posing in their underwear. 807 more words

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Pandora Boxx, my interview in Element Magazine

Check out my latest article in Element Magazine, from the Rupaul’s Drag Race special piece : Bring Back RuPaul’s Girls.

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