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Sydney's new gay mecca: Out and proud in East Village

“Free recovery kits fit for a queen!” That’s the huge sign up on the South Dowling Street side of East Village Shopping Centre, the most magical thing to happen to my life since I met both Kylie and Dannii Minogue.  378 more words


Heart-wrenching trans teen’s suicide note outlines abuse from a family who refused to accept him


Oddly enough, I say this is a good thing as this sub human filth didn’t deserve to live while destroying the name and the life of his family all in the name of helping his own depraved sexual desire….i say let him die and that it is good that he is now dead!

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The Gay Lifestyle

Jumping fright trains and living out of a backpack is a lifestyle. So is living fast and dying young, or living in a tipi with no running water, or even constantly doing things that get you thrown in jail. 263 more words

Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases in April

This is from Fox News Politics.

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

Gay marriage as well as the gay lifestyle is an abomination and no matter how may courts are ruling in favor of it. 741 more words

Evangelist Larry Tomczak Blasts Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper and Hollywood For ‘Promoting Homosexuality’

“The indoctrination and propaganda coming from those advocating a gay lifestyle in our country, classrooms and culture are increasing,” Christian author and evangelist Larry Tomczak (pictured above) cautioned in a new, unintentionally hilarious op-ed published by… 427 more words

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