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Ours is the generation of YOLO, of reality tv and meaningless fame, of social media memories that disappear in seconds. Ours is the generation of ‘do it now cause you don’t know what tomorrow will bring’, of motivational quotes and avocado brunches, of altruistic ambitions announced under shirtless selfies. 608 more words

Gay Lifestyle

Chapter Five - home, but not alone

For such a small physical space there was just too much to take in all at once.

“Hi, I’m Dave.”

The guy was stretched out on the lower of the two bunk beds. 7,763 more words

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The Mean Gay.

‘Get OUT Of My Way.’

I looked over my drink, grasped in my hand in the darkened and loud club, the air filled with blasting music, a horde of assorted people of any and all genders and sexualities enjoying themselves and dancing the night away. 1,432 more words


Chapter Four – firsts, in many things

Time management, a key element to living my life, meant nothing now. There had been something in the induction process the night before about routines so I doubt that I needed more than a vague idea of the time as there seemed to be enough pointers and precursors to keep the prison day in motion. 8,389 more words

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The 2 Qualities I Wish I Had.

2 qualities that I wish I had are ambition, and confidence.

I feel that I lack both of these traits, and because of this I can never unlock my full potential. 634 more words


Chapter Three - high walls round the green

The journey this time was much longer and punctuated by detours to other court’s secure areas picking up other pieces of the day’s criminal fodder along with the now familiar verbose and vociferous verbiage. 6,301 more words

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Chapter Two - closets and court rooms

My self-imposed exclusion from day-to-day life seemed to be working well, in as much as I was getting through each of those days without any major problems. 9,627 more words

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