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Just Another Day in Paradise (AKA the Gay Lifestyle) 11/11/15

If you asked me a year ago, I never would’ve given much thought to what the term, “gay lifestyle” implied.  Or maybe I would have had a stereotypical reaction to the phrase.  623 more words

Chapter Twenty Six ~ one prison cell is much like any other

My initial impression of Richard was he seemed to be a pleasant enough guy although he was no Fletcher to look at; but who was. We seemed to be about the same age, his organisation of the cell boded well although I got a small but unsettling feeling of being an intruder in the very concise world he had created for himself. 5,385 more words

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Chapter Twenty Five ~ unpopular at work, but in with the boys

It was a working day and the world turned on its commercial and economic axis as usually. Why I thought about it I didn’t understand, perhaps I hadn’t but I ended up driving to the office. 6,889 more words

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Chapter Twenty Two ~ what cost for sex?

Still doing just enough to keep the employment and domestic roofs from caving in on me, I inevitably reverted to doing things I knew were more productive, more satisfying, if only in very small ways. 4,743 more words

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Chapter Twenty One ~ just one nightmare after another

This self-destructive side of my voyeurism had started to come to a head when we took on our shop, about four years after getting married. When I say we and our, it was my idea and ultimately my problem. 2,728 more words

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Why I hate fundamentalist people so much 

Joaquin Tenedora- Forte

As you probably know I am not religious at all, because of many things, one of which is being queer. I know not all religious people hate the LGBT community. 275 more words


Chapter Twenty ~ Adonis is alive and very well

As we three got back from the visitors hall. For some reason, although we were not too late back from the outing, dinner had already been served and trays were being cleared up. 2,653 more words

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