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Guy #149 - The most forgettable of them all...

Do you really remember all the people you ever had sex with?

It’s a question I get asked a lot. While I try to be 100% sure this blog tells the story of… 657 more words

Chapter Twelve ~ We’re all animals underneath

Despite feeling isolated most of the time, I don’t think I actually appreciate the condition. Quite a lot of the time I excluded myself which didn’t count but I can recall clearly several everyday events, like Birthday parties I went to despite always feeing like an outsider. 2,255 more words

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Guy #148 - Three out of three...

If planet Earth houses 7 billion people, it’s safe to say a few hundred million of those people are Guys who enjoy mating with other Guys. 673 more words

Chapter Eleven ~ Ride a cock horse

Although I considered myself ‘normal’, for want of a better word, I had realised quite early on that I never be a full or complete member of any sort of ‘normal’ society. 5,170 more words

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3 Things I'm Not Telling Myself Enough


Sometimes, you need to keep a mantra that you repeat to yourself in your mind. Something to help catch yourself when you’re not feeling so great. 1,503 more words


Chapter Ten ~ is it Fame or Infamy?

Having been inside for a week or so, I think I was right to keep most of my personal details and issues to myself while I continued to work out the politics of prison life more precisely. 3,838 more words

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Robert Gagnon debates gay activist Jayne Ozanne on Bible vs homosexuality

I am tempted to say that this is the best podcast I have ever heard on the Unbelievable show. Do anything you have to do in order to listen to this podcast. 1,435 more words