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Guy #11 - The hunter...


The first and only time I drank so much alcohol it made me vomit was the night I kissed Guy #11. 374 more words


Day 6: The Road to Recovery

Once I came to a place where I could honestly say that I had a problem, I tried like hell to avoid one thing…..Withdrawal.   I thought about going back to a drug and alcohol treatment facility, but that I wanted to avoid at all cost.  392 more words

Day Three, Letting Merlot Go.

Day three of Sobriety.  I’ve been reflecting much the past few days over exactly where my drinking crossed the line.  I grew up in an environment where alcohol use and abuse were part of daily living for many years during my youth.  940 more words

A Christian Mom And Her Transgender Child

This is a difficult subject to speak about today…having a child that was born a daughter to me yet this child as an adult does not feel comfortable being a daughter and is in fact a Transgender Gay person. 2,101 more words

Guy #8 - Caught in translation...


The story of Guy #8 began when the two of us bumped into each other one night under the fluorescent light of a dirty washroom filled with penetrant club music and the sound of a guy peeing into a urinal that had somehow gotten stuffed with toilet paper. 736 more words


Gay lifestyle and Jamaica Part 1

I am a Jamaican, I was born in the country of Jamaica so I was exposed to the culture of my country of my birth. Many beliefs, ethics and cultural behaviors were passed down to me, many were rejected, some assimilated, some I adopted in my own ways. 934 more words


Tony Campolo: For the Record

Tuesday Talks with TONY CAMPOLO

About 5 years ago I had the pleasure of spending four days with Tony and Peggy Campolo on their visit to Melbourne.   1,267 more words

Tuesday Talks