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The Adventures Of Spork & Foon

Head over heels. Not talking about the gym either.

Queer Eye and Christianity

I’ve seen a few Christians recently getting excited about Chris Pratt talking publicly about his Christian faith. There’s a general belief within contemporary Christianity that the media and the broader public kinda resent us and want to keep us out of the public eye – so this sort of thing is received with joy by many Christians. 919 more words


Media Release 22 June 2018 Family First NZ says that marriage celebrants will be sacked if they refuse to marry a same-sex couple, despite the fact that it goes against their personal convictions, despite the fact that they may have been registered well before the same-sex marriage law was even passed, and despite assurances from…

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The Adventures of Spork & Foon

I have a Hubby who will remind me that sharing a thunderstorm’s lightning display is infinitely more important than doing dishes.

How lucky am I?