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Office 1.0

I graduated from college in July 2016. Started working in July 2016. Huh! Talk about being a busy bee!! In case if you are wondering about the premise which this post is setting, here’s the deal: Being a closeted homosexual in a world where everyone is so outspoken is not really the best place to be in. 185 more words

sc 433 Zombie Zombie (Part One)

Sassy McSass-Sass unravels the romance sturry of Toppie Smellie and Jock Mastercock… even as the zombie apocalypse looms ever closer! Mostly.

Write to Toppie at… 126 more words

Toppie Smellie

14 Reasons Why Valentine's Day Isn't All That Bad

It’s that time of the year.

Valentine’s Day. Hearts, flowers, economically destructive sales, ecologically destructive confetti, cheap chocolates and cheaper motives for the whole world to see. 894 more words


Scratching paper

I’m falling in love: with writing.

Not so much the writing that comes from pounding on a keyboard to see my words appear on a computer screen, nor writing stories or posts for this blog. 831 more words


A trip of adventure and wildness, Man Expeditions

Man Expeditions is a great platform for guys who enjoy adventure travel to meet other like-minded guys. Meet Tony Knight, the man in charge. Are you ready to  take this adventure? 1,786 more words


Bobby and Thom Have The Expat Convo

Thom and I were on the last walk of the day with our Doodle, Rhoda Morgenstern. Thom was subdued. Something was brewing.

“I’ve been doing a lot of reading about life as an expat. 737 more words


The Slow Decline

The above photo has nothing to do with my life, at any point.  But it is what the world often thinks about as the gay experience and what gay men look like.   697 more words

Getting Old