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Applying Gender Roles To Same-Sex Couples

A typical heterosexual relationship was once one where the man played the role of breadwinner while the woman kept the home. Today, the roles that men and women assume in relationships are different from when this conservative structure was the rule. 952 more words

Financial Frustration

Why is having HIV so expensive? Really think about it. People diagnosed with HIV have to go through an awful phase of accepting that they have this virus attached to them for the rest of their lives and will now be judged and treated like a leper by most people. 554 more words


Dear Ms Platell

Dear Ms Platell,

Whilst I commend you for addressing this issue in your article I cannot help but wonder about a few points that you raise. 1,250 more words


NHS: Cancer or condoms?


…As of April, no fewer than 25 cancer drugs that prolong life will be withdrawn by the fund.

Imagine how these cancer patients and their families must have felt this week when, following a major trial on a £12-a-day drug which helps prevent people catching HIV, they learned researchers were recommending that healthy gay men should be given it free on the NHS at a cost of almost £5,000 a year per person.

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Trio of gay men get married in 'world first'

The adage that two’s company, three’s a crowd doesn’t seem to apply to this trio, who have been married in what is thought to be the world’s first three-way gay wedding. 203 more words


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Elevators, Against Me!

My life has been many things up to this very moment; confusing and discombobulated, exciting and terrifying, happy and sad, fast and slow and a bunch of other things but it only passes through periods of comfort, which never hangs around for that long before discomposure shifts in and shits all over the place but compared to some peoples it’s been a four star hotel stay with substandard room service that always fucks up my order. 1,302 more words

Life Choices

Friends & Other Enemies, Ch. 2 - Welcome to the Jungle

My first official Mpowerment event was the dreaded Gay Skate Night of 2006 months prior, that’s when I first learned about this group and had met Bucky, Richard, and a host of other interesting characters such as my fairy godmother Sister Loosey of the Sin City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and “The Unfriendly Black Hotties” in Gavin and Kris. 1,437 more words

Life... And Other Distractions