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Born gay? (Broadcast #1)

Today’s broadcast marked my entrance into the world of blogging and online video media. I opened with a description of certain Western beliefs regarding homosexuality, beliefs that are being increasingly held and even dogmatized in society. 522 more words

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Rodeo At The River 2016

Rodeo, as a competitive sport, evolved from the hardworking lifestyle of the western cowboy. After driving herds of cattle to market, competitions between those working for rival ranches often developed. 315 more words

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Story time.

My sophomore year in college, the choir went on one of its many tours around the Midwest, including Vermillion, South Dakota, which (among other things) is home to the National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota. 983 more words


Is quantity over quality better?

I love tacos. I like eating them…a lot. But sometime eating too many tacos isn’t always a good thing. Maybe eating two tacos is better, than say, eating 10 because then you really get to enjoy and savor the two tacos. 536 more words

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UK: Judge Praises Gay Men In Luton Blackmail Case

A UK judge at Luton Crown Court has praised the bravery of 3 gay men (only referred to in court as A,B and C) who came forward to expose a 22 year-old blackmailer, who used Grindr to extort money from his victims. 221 more words