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Day One (05/01/16): Man Cleanse May

“You came up to me, persistent as can be
You’d done this thing a hundred times
I could never tell, had me under your spell…
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"You Should Be More Discreet!"

“Stop shoving your lifestyle down my throat! Keep it in the bedroom!”

I often wish that I could get paid one million dollars every time I hear people say that about the gay community. 1,082 more words

Aspergers Syndrome

The Darkest Part of the Forest

Black, Holly. 2015. The Darkest Part of the Forest. New York: Little, Brown and Company.

In this charming fantasy story, teen siblings Hazel and Ben negotiate romantic relationships, magical bargains, and pending adulthood in the dual worlds of Fairfold and Faerie. 278 more words


The Germanic Wolf Cult

Debatable though this may be, I personally believe that the Wolf Cult is a central component of the male mysteries, especially as they apply to gay men. 315 more words


Q is for Queer as Folk #atozchallenge

When I arrived in London in 1979, it was a month before the Tories under Mrs Thatcher took power. I’m not one of those who think her terms in office were the worst thing that ever has happened; a Curate’s egg from where I sit. 1,495 more words


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Yesterday, I was guest blogging over at TanGental. When Geoff invited me to write a post about gay life in London, during the 1980s, as part of the A to Z challenge he is participating in, a trip down memory lane had me at the keyboard. Please pay Geoff and his blog a visit and leave any comments there. I hope you enjoy reading about my trip down memory lane. In fact, I've already started writing my first book that will include a lot of these memories. Thank you, Geoff, for inviting me to write a guest post.

Berlin Dancers, 2013

Lauren Anderson
Acrylic Painting
45 x 37 inches

$395 for original

This painting is based off of the LGBT Ballroom dance I attended in Berlin in summer 2013. 170 more words


Polari and all that jazz

Just as African American slaves from the 17th century onward crafted a language and music of coded words, phrases and drum beats before them, gay men in the 50s and 60s spoke a secret language to one another. 86 more words