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Gay's in the Suburbs

While this may seem like the title of a new hit TV show (pauses and makes notes for future pitch to TV company) this is more about how living in the suburbs can kill your sex life. 886 more words


Hanging with my peeps

It was my pleasure to sit down a couple weeks ago with Megan Hawksworth, of the Mastering Counseling podcast, and talk about being a therapist.  I always enjoy a chance to compare notes with another person in my field (Megan is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and talk shop – and Megan was a terrific host.   381 more words

Thoughts And Musings

"Straight Acting"

On the May Bank Holiday, My News Feed Gave to Me- a very sweet clip of two gentlemen finding love on Channel 4. It was adorable to watch, but opinion on it was divided- this mostly came from the statement “I’m looking for a guy who’s straight acting”. 721 more words

First Dates

Character Vignette: Ava

A seven-year-old girl caught up in her parent’s divorce struggles to understand her man-child father‘s homosexuality. This character is actually the younger daughter of my main character in my favorite manuscript’s ex-lover. 651 more words

The Canadian's

The Canadians are taking over!!!

OK probably not but I have in the last 3 months met more Canadians then I have met in my whole entire life. 394 more words


There are men who walk daintily , there are men who walk like antelopes

Dear Humans
There are men who walk daintily , there are men who walk like antelopes, there are men who walk like turkeys/chickens , there are also men who walk like lions. 131 more words