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Grace and Frankie

Kauffman, Marta, and Howard J. Morris (Creators). (May 2015-ongoing). Grace and Frankie (Television series). Hollywood: Skydance Productions.

In this Netflix original show, two women who don’t particularly like each other are thrown together when their husbands announce that they are gay and divorcing their wives in order to get married. 190 more words

Adult Audience

Webcam industry vs Porn industry

Up till a few years ago, they were the reigning mistresses of the adult entertainment sector, their names and faces gracing the titles and covers of the big porn films. 523 more words

ISIS 'Celebrates' Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Ruling By Throwing 4 Gay Men Off Roof

Breitbart — The jihadist terror group Islamic State responded to the Supreme Court’s recent decision on gay marriage by killing accused gay men by pushing them off a roof. 74 more words


Gay Men Have A Message For Straight Men..."We Will Marry Your Girlfriends"! [Watch]

My friend sent me this hilarious video yesterday!  Check it out!

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Let's Talk!

This great line from Greg Berlanti’s 2000 film, “The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy”, does an excellent job of summing up my feelings concerning the recent happenings on the national stage. 434 more words

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There is no way this will come off sounding anything except the height of conceit, but here goes anyway. I miss being cruised.

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"A little rain never hurt nobody."

I’d like to start off this entry by saying I am well aware that Brian (mentioned in one of the past entries) is gay. Maybe not as gay as, say, RuPaul, but definitely on Blaine Anderson from Glee level, and that’s perfect :) At this point, I do not need a boyfriend in my life, but having a gay best friend is excellent! 721 more words