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What's in a Name?


Big spoon/little spoon


Top bunk/bottom bunk

We gay men have become amusingly proficient at concocting creative binary terms to describe the insertive and receptive roles we assume during sexual intercourse. 114 more words


Why are the Top FIVE Kindle eBooks for LESBIAN FICTION about gay men!?!


Men Who Throw Being Gay in Your Face To Shame You For Their Own Purposes.

While Missing A Dick tends to favor the misdeeds and missed dicks of straight “men,” there are, of course many things that gay “men” do as well to cause irritation (though rarely in the vaginal area). 289 more words

Gay Away

If your only objection to same-sex love scenes in films, television programs, or works of theatre is the fact that they involve two people of the same sex, then you are unarguably a homophobe. 171 more words

The Gentleman & The Pig

There are two types of guys you come in contact with on-line dating. The first is the pig and I say this because it’s harder to find the gentleman and the pigs always seems to be more of them. 595 more words


I'm Gay, but My Grandmother Keeps Asking When I'm Going to Find a Girlfriend

My grandmother knows I’m gay and keeps asking when I’m going to find a girlfriend: I’m a 26-year-old gay man who came out to his family 10 years ago.

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Weird Questions Gay Couples Get Asked

Last week, I published a post entitled 10 Reasons Why You May Be Gay. It got a lot of reaction which is something I always like my posts to get. 147 more words