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Surprise Symphony: Movement I

Reader, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

The following occurred during the Thanksgiving Break I spent in San Francisco and, in particular, the day after Thanksgiving (or the day before I saw N for the final time). 1,807 more words

An Affair to Remember: Movement 1

Finally, a chance to post my current thoughts, instead of reposting old ones!

There is a lot happening right now – the feelings of entanglement from my original post have not resolved, and, to compound the issues at hand, work has become tremendously stressful, whether I am working directly in the trenches or I am at home.  2,905 more words

The Boy Around the Block

When I was fifteen, I became friends with a twelve year old boy named “Rudy”, who had already been friends with another boy from school, which was how I was introduced to Rudy.   736 more words

Before I Was 18


My freshman year of high school was a nightmare from being “hazed” and bullied so much and I ended up switching to another high school for sophomore year.   611 more words

Before I Was 18