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Unfinished Symphony - Movement 1

I struggled to find the correct title for this post, the first being “Coda,” but there is still far too much story to be told.  Brace yourself – the story between myself and ‘A’ has hardly been told. 3,652 more words

Surprise Symphony: Movement 4 - Finale

I didn’t want to hear what came next.

It’s true, I was anxious to hear what he had to say.  The entire day had been a torment of hypotheticals of both rational and irrational ideas of doom and despair, and “knowing” simply HAD to be better than not knowing.   1,622 more words

Surprise Symphony: Movement 3

Christmas was fast approaching, and I was dreading the impending necessity for all the presents that I had not yet purchased.  Every year I tell myself that I would get them all well ahead of time and even try buying a few things off Amazon as I found a desire for them, but it all came to the last couple of days.   1,889 more words

Surprise Symphony: Movement I

Reader, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

The following occurred during the Thanksgiving Break I spent in San Francisco and, in particular, the day after Thanksgiving (or the day before I saw N for the final time). 1,807 more words

An Affair to Remember: Movement 1

Finally, a chance to post my current thoughts, instead of reposting old ones!

There is a lot happening right now – the feelings of entanglement from my original post have not resolved, and, to compound the issues at hand, work has become tremendously stressful, whether I am working directly in the trenches or I am at home.  2,905 more words