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Niggerhead Obama’s Homosexual Gay Legacy

FORMER MALE PROSTITUTE LARRY SINCLAIR spilled the beans back in 2008 right before the election.

Speaking before the National Press Club in DC, Larry Sinclair… 365 more words

Historical Revisionism

R the Bigoted, Gay, Anti-Abortion Rights Ex-Roomie

In 1984, I somehow ended up with this yutz R as my room mate my freshman year at Champaign-Urbana.  Thinking about the  comfy house that I now share with Wifey and the Creature makes me marvel that I lived in a single, prison-cell sized room with this despicable, odious specimen for an entire school year. 427 more words

Netherlands: Government-funded watchdog says it’s ok for Muslims to send death threats to gays

FURIOUS Dutch MPs have demanded an immediate public inquiry after a government-backed watchdog said it was acceptable for Muslims to send gay people death threats. 123 more words


We Are Gay

The following is a Monologue written by Larry D. Reid for actors auditioning for a role in one of his plays in 2015

What do you do with this gay. 330 more words


Pope Francis: Church Should Apologize To Gays And Other Marginalized Groups - COLIN DWYER June 26, 20167:47 PM ET

Pope Francis talks to journalists on his flight back to Rome on Sunday, following a visit to Armenia. — Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

Aboard a flight home  145 more words

Point Of Interest

Should gay people, black people and women have rights?

Debate #2

Tonight’s topic is whether or not women, black people and gay people should have been given rights and freedoms. Tune back in an hour to see how it all unfurls and add your opinion. :)



What percent of Americans are gay?

The last few decades there has been a lot of attention on gay Americans.  84 more words