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Tired of Triggering Deceit

Gay Friendly is a term like any other. While it launches one into the realm of political correctness, it can close one into a room where to criticize homosexuality becomes tantamount to being a traitor, or worse, a liar.

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Brown: 5 – Plessy: 4 (June 29, 2015)

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Brown: 5 – Plessy: 4

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Bumper sticker of the week:

June 26:  A day that will live in famy

Supreme Court

ISIS Dildo Flag, Dignity, and Gay Marriage

Within hours of being told by that very dignified Supreme Court that Gay Marriage is a matter of Dignity for their community, a gay pride march or celebration included an… 28 more words

Gay Politics

The Bus to Re-Education Camp

After viewing post after post in rainbow hews on FaceBook, I knew this call would come. It came, and I was instructed to go to the nearest re-education camp bus depot. 152 more words

Pres. Barack Obama

Gay Marriage and Bi-Sexuals

Ok, the President just gave a mighty shout out to the LGBT community praising them for changing the meaning of marriage in a whopping 10 year span. 45 more words

Pres. Barack Obama

The New Marriage vs. Religious Freedom

Pres. Obama made a victory speech yesterday after the Obamacare ruling came down. Again today, he made a victory speech. Within two hours he will be at the pulpit at the funeral of the minister of the AME Church in Charleston. 58 more words

Gay Politics