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005 - Left and Rights

If parenting was a regulated right, who should truly be allowed to apply?

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Discrimination and Oppression are still happening. Today.

“The U.S. Supreme Court set for April 28 arguments on whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry.

State legislatures across the country, assuming that the right will be affirmed, are taking up bills that would make it easier for businesses and individuals to opt out of serving gay couples on religious grounds.” – New York Times… 45 more words


Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have joined with 370 other companies to urge the US Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage across the country.

The companies have filed what’s known as an… 229 more words

AAPL Company

Gays & Christians & Agnostics are equal some of the time, but not others.

A law was recently passed in Illinois allowing business owners to deny service to gay (or other) clientele based on their religious beliefs. The irony of this law is that it is establishing a right that we already have as free individuals with the freedom to associate with whomever we please but does so in such a way as to assume that one of these two groups previously had more rights than the other, and this law is simply bringing equality back when there was never an imbalance to begin with, except the ones that Government created in order to “solve” it. 2,138 more words

Animal Farm

Bill would create rules for county clerks and same-sex marriage

SALT LAKE CITY — A new bill unveiled late Thursday on Utah’s Capitol Hill attempts to address government clerks who may be reluctant to perform same-sex marriages, warning that they could lose the ability to marry anyone at all. 354 more words



The term “Trans-Gender” has been thrown around a lot recently. Admittedly, I never really looked into it, nor cared to for that matter. I like my twat and have no desire to have a penis swinging between my legs. 1,263 more words


Why Evangelicals Don’t Want Brandan Robertson to Be an Evangelical

Brandan Robertson is a twenty-two year old blogosphere phenom.

His activism has scattered his posts, photos, and tweets all over social media. Last year, he started an organization called Evangelicals for Marriage Equality, and a few days ago he almost broke the Internet machine when he lost a book deal with an evangelical publisher after coming out as queer. 131 more words