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From 4-17-15

A gay adult male scoffed at other gender identities, saying, “I believe you can be gay, you can be bi, or you can be straight. When you get into this asexual, pansexual, whatever stuff, I don’t believe in that.”


Allow me to make some assumptions about you, my dear reader.

  1. You have basic human rights, access to resources, and a reasonable government leading your country.
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Utah Girl Scouts reach out to transgender youth

Utah Girl Scouts Troop Hopes to Attract Transgender Recruits j.mp/1DaoEOv http://t.co/LuUU33YRmb
Indy Patriot (@indyp8riot) April 16, 2015

Girl Scouts are trying to bolster their declining membership by reaching out to a community they haven’t always welcomed: gay and transgender youth.

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UKIP: 'We're Not Bigots, But…'

Did you know the floods were caused by gays
And immigrants jam the motorways?
That bigots need to be represented,
And maternity leave should be resented? 199 more words



The film ‘Unfreedom’ — which features a lesbian couple — has been banned in India.

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'She's Beautiful When She's Angry'

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry‘ is a documentary about the American women’s liberation movement, and depicts the important role of lesbians in the movement. 20 more words

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Express Tribune Article on Female Gender Non-Conformity in Pakistan

This Express Tribune article does not do a very good job of describing a highly gender non-conforming homosexual female in Pakistan. The title of the article is too horrible for me to type here. 365 more words

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