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Assimilation Is Not Liberation…The Importance of Preserving Gay Culture

We could have plenty of conversations about injustices of gay people in society. Some having to do with institutional issues, others with social prejudice. Many gays simply just want to live their lives in society without being persecuted for being who they are. 1,366 more words




I woke up with it. This feeling that all the veins and capillaries are blocked, in my temples, in my forehead, behind my eyes, inside my nose, in my neck. 490 more words


A Short Long Day

I will tell you a secret. Every night, since the age of 45, since I had a catheterization of the heart, I have to wait 30 minutes before going to sleep. 463 more words


We've Met The Enemy, And It Is You.

In the 1960s, Richard Viguerie pioneered direct mail fundraising techniques for conservative candidates and groups. Originally the message in these requests for funds were talking about anti-communism. 1,030 more words


Different From the Others: LGBT History Month and the Almost Century-Old Legacy of an Early Gay Rights Film


October is LGBT History Month, and this year it is as important as ever to study our past. With all of our recently won civil rights and our dramatically increased visibility in society, the LGBT community sometimes assumes that the features of our culture and the values of our politics are recent inventions. 629 more words

Queer Studies

A Day of Toil

I had no idea that working in the kitchen garden might take so much energy. But it did. I do not know if this is because of work itself, the sudden heat wave that hit Israel today or the antihistamines I take, the fact is that I am exhausted. 341 more words


The Best Deal Ever

Today I have probably done the best deal ever.  I changed my latest novel, “The Wife of a Jewish Pirate” for two very nice portions of homemade goat cheeses. 583 more words