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Creed (yes again)

What with my right to exist being debated all over the country at the moment. I felt the need to throw in a little extra post affirming my faith and the continuity I see between being this God-created lesbian that I am and my faith in God’s endless love. 487 more words


A Day of Mishaps

There are days that are perfect. Everything is in order, no problems, no surprises. Anything goes as planned. But there are days in which everything goes wrong, or in other routes than those you planned. 1,322 more words


Short Story: The Purist's Sins

They sat, entwined, like wound yarn. The brunette’s hand stroked the ginger-girl’s head. A warm aura emitted from them, infected their bench with its glow and heat. 1,313 more words

From 7-5-17

A middle-aged man told me that men who identify as bisexual are “actually just gay.” As a bisexual woman, I lost my temper and shouted him down until he stopped invalidating bisexual people’s identities. 18 more words

(You should be) Normal

you should
you must
you will 

and stare at women’s breasts
and whistle at them on the street
and hit them
or rape them
if they ever disagree with you

and you'll say things like:
   “she shouldn’t have worn that”
   “she shouldn’t have gone out at night”
   “she had it coming”

one day, 
you’ll wake up
and find out,
and judge people by how they look
or how they speak
or where they’re from

and you’ll speak in a low voice 
when saying things like
       vagina or penis or anus
and you’ll think “contraceptive” is a bad word

you’ll consider sex 
and mistake it for love
you’ll think about pleasure
and misplace it with reproduction
     (or worse, with sin)

and you’ll say things like:
  “gay sex is disgusting”
  (but lesbian porn is awesome
     if it’s there
     for your own delight)
  “gay marriage is unnatural” 
  (as if straight marriage were natural)
  “you look like a faggot dressed like that”

but be careful with normality
 for it has sharp teeth
      and a sharper tongue
   and even sharper eyes

still, one day you will think
normal is natural
normal is good
you’ll even say: “I’m normal”
    and be proud

but if normal means 
intolerant, abuser, sexist, judgemental, 
narrow-minded, homophobic, ignorant, 
real-man, stupid, unthinking, static, 
unquestioning, shallow, vague, racist, 
misogynistic, heteronormative, nonpartisan, 
hierarchical, usual, sheep, conformist, 
deformed, aggressive, macho, grey, 
reactionary, conservative, prejudiced, 
indifferent, sectarian, ungenerous, 
materialistic, simple, compliant, oblivious,

then I want nothing to do with it. 9 more words

The Agony of a Farmer

The morning began with an extraordinary sunrise. Michael and I went out with our dog, Pino (this is the Thai word for ‘a dog’). During her morning walk, we looked at the beautiful sunrise and I blessed God in my heart, as I did so many times since we have moved here from Tel Aviv. 638 more words


Criticism does not violate your freedom of speech

A very common misunderstanding of the concept of free speech is that another person giving criticism is automatically depriving you of your freedom of speech. 67 more words

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