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The Anti-Bully Pulpit And How Hateful Heteronormatives Ruined it!

By Mssr. Lee Fou

Well, another fun time ruined by the heteronormative prudes:

THIS SEEMS FAKE, BUT IT’S REAL: At Anti-Bullying Conference, Iowa Middle Schoolers Learn About Lesbian Strap-On Anal Sex, Fake Testicles.

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Boy Scouts of America approves of gay scout leaders

In a historic change, the Boy Scouts of America lifted its national ban on gay adult leaders, leading to debate within the organization. Monday’s vote shifts the possibility of discrimination onto the local scout groups and those supported by religious organizations. 182 more words

US Culture

The Library

Small people with BIG VOICES inhabit the library.
The space in front of the counter is their stage.
Their business is everybody’s business.
Along time ago before gay rights was heard of a small man boomed out in the quiet hallway, that HE WOULD LIKE THE BOOK OF HOMOSEXUAL VERSE and he quoted an editor whose name I can’t remember. 57 more words


Houston, You Have A Problem!

By Sacks Roamers

Well, the dike has been broken and a flood of voters are set to make it safe to tinkle in Texas again. The Texas Supreme Court told Lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker to obey the law, and either hold a referendum or revoke the ordinance permitting transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice. 471 more words


Boy Scouts Go Gay!

By Mssr. Lee Fou

Well, score one for the good guys! Finally, gay men can experience the joy of being scout troop leaders just like heterosexual men! 331 more words

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Somewhere over the Blog

I’ve told my friends. They know how I feel. Most of them agree. I have told a Microsoft Word Document. It knows how I feel (although I don’t know if it agrees or not). 612 more words

Gay Rights

"Why Do Christians Discriminate Against Homosexuals?"

I recently read about a Business that was fined a whopping $135,000 due to be paid to a lesbian couple as compensation, for the alleged trauma that they experienced at the hands of 2 Business owners, who refused to bake a cake for their wedding. 2,545 more words