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Do People Support Sexual Minorities Because they are “Christianobobics?”

So, I just read an evangelical article on George Yancy’s blog entitled “Do Sexual Minorities Benefit from Hatred of Christians.” (See link below) In it Yancy presents the common assumption among conservatives that evangelicals are “hated” somehow because of their faith in Christ. 504 more words


CA Bill AB 2943, Are They Coming for Our Bibles Next?

Ok, first off, a disclosure. I am a liberal Christian, and as such, support the LGBTQ community. But I understand the handwringing, as this California bill, AB 2943, has a direct effect on limiting what evangelicals view as a “service” they “should’ be able to offer to the community, as a outgrowth of what they believe scripture teaches. 695 more words


Gay Lives Matter

Homosexuality is one of those topics some people in society avoid talking about. For the LGBTQ community, 2018 is the year of “gay liberation,” but in many countries, this group has to face several injustices, inequalities, and atrocities towards them. 947 more words

'Decider Issues': Or in the humanities some opinions are objectively wrong

I pride myself on avoiding echo chambers and groupthink. I believe whether they be big media entrenched interests or small diseased hives of conspiracy theorists or cause loyalists, its not the size but the monotone that dooms ones ability to critically think. 1,769 more words

California To Ban the Sale of Bibles?

Reported By Benjamin Arie | April 19, 2018 at 4:53pm

URL of the original posting site: https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/california-to-ban-sale-of-bibles/

When you think about the censorship and outright banning of books and opinions, do you imagine the United States of America?  851 more words


President: Gay rights 'of no importance' in Kenya

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour, President Uhuru Kenyatta claims that homosexuality is not an issue of human rights, but rather of “our own base as a culture.” 8 more words


Few days ago, I was reading news that there was a blatant hate crime occurred in DC where three men attacked two gay men because of their sexual orientation.

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