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I Don't Want to be Your Gay BFF

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Spotted in his natural habitat with an overloading of shopping bags and a mating call of “slay, you fabulous bitch”, the gay BFF has become a real life guardian angel. 725 more words


Gay men and the promiscuity 'problem'

When you first come out as gay, one of the very first things you might do is reject the notion of homosexuality entirely. This doesn’t define me, you may think, these are not my people. 1,475 more words

Gay Stereotypes


So, this happened:

First.. it must be noted that (in spite of what the occasional typo might suggest…) I’m an English teacher. I usually choose my words pretty carefully. 549 more words

Open Letters

The bad touch

I have always known it, but I feel it even more when I’m not there – London spoils me. When I spend time anywhere else, I’m struck not only by the obvious things that signal me as a pouting metropolitan man-baby – unavailability of cocktail onions for a Gibson martini, H&M selling the same three checked shirts and nothing else, for example – but things I never really think about at home. 1,516 more words