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Respect the ones who arent Gay !!!Stop the Stereotyping

Not because he snaps his fingers and say “OH-KAYY GURLFRIEND!” He’s GAY.

He maybe supporting his friend who Is finally making her way.

So you laugh at his appearance when he wears tight clothes; 185 more words

12 things you do that scream "thirsty"

Not sure whether you look like a desperate, cloying nightmare on social media?

Wondering if perhaps you may be going a little over the top when it comes to trying to impress someone on Twitter? 668 more words

Not Entirely Serious Life Coaching

Cinderfella and the Kindness of Strangers

Gotta stay positive. Not always easy. But whatche feed grows. I have a lot to be grateful for. That’s where I’ll try to keep my focus for tonight. 898 more words

Stereotypes and Racism

Recently, the science fiction community was stunned by a revelation of racism. This week I’ll take a break from writing about the science of aging and talk a little sociology. 475 more words

Culture And Society

The 25 stages of Twitter courtship

Twitter isn’t just for cat GIFs, cod politics, think-pieces and bitching about reality TV, it’s also a place to find love!

Spotting someone getting it on over Twitter is easy to do once you know how. 350 more words

Dating 101

Hey Miss Gurl! Guess Who's in Town?

I really don’t feel like doing the blog tonight. I know you’ve heard that before but I think it’s more important than one might even think to admit that. 1,251 more words

The stars coming-out

A comic in France came on TV and tried to make a point by saying “Hi, my name is XXX and I have something to tell you…I’m straight!”. 788 more words