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Ultimate Gay Fighter: The Queer Stereotype Game of the Year

Ever wonder what it would look like if your gay-scene friends got into a fight to the death? Well, look no further, because this game has every horrible LGBT stereotype filled with Mortal Kombat style fighting! 14 more words


How to be 39

I never used to understand why people lied about their age. I didn’t bother. It seemed to me utterly unimportant, and while I pretended to choke with panic on my 30th birthday – it felt like something I was supposed to do – and spoke in hushed tones about turning 40 one day, my age, the actual number, being older, never unsettled me. 1,333 more words


My gay voice

A new documentary on the concept of “sounding gay” has been making waves in the media, and among gay men. Do I Sound Gay? investigates whether there is such a thing as “gay voice” – when it comes to men, of course – and, if so, how do we get it? 1,051 more words


To What Extent Are Gay Men Stereotyped in Horror Films?

This is my A2 film coursework which i recieved an A in, just to point out this was essay was written before gay marriage was legalised in all states in USA . 3,632 more words

Watch: Matt Bomer’s smooth response to question on gay stereotypes

The out Magic Mike star responded to awkward questions regarding the LGBT community by politely explaining that stereotyping is not cool – in fact, it’s rather obnoxious. 211 more words


Respect the ones who arent Gay !!!Stop the Stereotyping

Not because he snaps his fingers and say “OH-KAYY GURLFRIEND!” He’s GAY.

He maybe supporting his friend who Is finally making her way.

So you laugh at his appearance when he wears tight clothes; 185 more words