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I'm Not Your Gal Pal, Ya Dumb Bitch

You know, one of the things that disgusts me the most about gay culture isn’t just how most gay guys treat me but, rather, how some of these unbelievably stupid women interact with me.  2,350 more words


The Guysexual’s Guide to Every Gay Man’s Treasure Chest of One Liners

Gay men are a lot of things.

We might come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have temperaments as diverse as the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, but it all boils down to one thing in the end — as homosexual men, we are a storehouse of corny one-liners, sassy quips and stereotypical jokes that’ll put all the Kardashian Sisters (even the new ones) to shame. 806 more words


Meet the men 2.0: The Gym Freak

Open up your Grindr, lads. Now tell me what you see?

It’s the same story everywhere.

When every fourth guy on Grindr looks like he has stepped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch underwear catalogue, you know you might have a problem. 1,293 more words


Meet The Men 1.0 : The Hipster

We are almost halfway through 2017.

They say the age of the hipsters might be finally coming to an end, but can gay men ever let a good thing go? 1,114 more words