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Diary: Editing PROF TOM FOOLERY Day 7

Four small scenes to share with you today from PROF TOM FOOLERY SAVES THE PLANET!

1) Colonel Hogg (the bad guy) berates Fochs (the henchman) for the failure of a contraption to cut down trees so he can harvest the forest while building a railroad through the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. 48 more words

Diary: Editing PROF TOM FOOLERY Day 6

This is one of those editing days in which I worked on a lot of little things, but no complete scenes to share with you.

Diary: Editing PROF TOM FOOLERY Day 5

After an 11 hour day I edited scene 20. It is not color corrected, and the sound is not mixed. You will notice the camera moves on every shot. 72 more words

"War art" and "Homosocialism"

Scott Waters is definitely one of our favourite artists and you are about to get obsessed with “war art” and “homosocialism”-the most gay of straight sub-cultures. 1,403 more words


Time to start? Why not :)

I created this blog in May and it’s July.. but it feels like it’s time to start.

I just watched the first season of Eastsiders… 132 more words


Editing Begins

As with all my feature films, I take a breather between filming and the start of the editing process. This helps me clear my head to see exactly what I captured in the camera and with the mics, and not what I… 248 more words

I can't help falling in love with you.

Mixed signals as per usual, but one thing for sure is that I like him. A lot.

I’m stuck in the awkward situation again where I’m not sure if I should confess my feelings, but if I don’t there will always be the ‘what if’ in the back of my mind. 259 more words