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Monday for Mom

The winter is always kind of a downer time of the year. At least up here in the northern hemisphere. Sure, there’s snow sometimes ( 487 more words

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U.S. Watch: Twins Come Out To Dad

For those of you who haven’t yet seen this video, it will bring a tear to your eye, so have the tissues handy!


Twin Brothers The Rhodes Bros Come Out As Gay To Their Father

The video shows twins Aaron and Austin tearfully coming out as gay to their father over the phone. They reveal that they have already told the rest of their family and that their dad is the last person they need to tell. 85 more words


I met a ghost from my childhood. No really.

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life that stops you dead in your tracks? You might not be able to explain exactly what’s going on, but you can sense an emotion washing over you–an impact that you may feel for days afterwards? 811 more words

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Let's Go To Church: Stunned into Silence

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Here in the mid-Atlantic, the school year is in full swing and the weather has taken a very sharp turn into autumnal territory. 424 more words

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Happy Family-versary!

Six years!

So much has happened in that time–home renovations, moving, parenting a middle schooler!

Six years ago, we got married, and ‘officially’ became a family. 384 more words

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This Guy and Chattanooga, Tennessee: One In The Same?

So this guy exists. Let’s take a minute to watch this charming local gentleman shall we?

Here’s my first reaction:

My next thought was, “what southern city are you in!?” 379 more words

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