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It's a Colorful World

And now to make sure the movie is absolutely gorgeous the entire film gets color correction.

Color is a scientifically romanticized notion of light. We all ‘see’ color slightly differently. 103 more words

Putting the Motion in the Potion - Editing Diary Day 18

A movie is more than a bunch of camera footage taped together.

Now the finesse of filmmaking begins as I start giving each shot a little bit of zoom or panning action, color correct the images so the greens are lush and the film feels ‘warm,’ and process the sound through multiple filters to take out noise before adding the music and underscoring. 69 more words

The Rough Cut is Finished!

In case you missed it I finished the rough cut this week and then screened it all the way through for the first time.

What a ride! 158 more words

Swimming Thru Peanut Butter

The first 42 minutes of the film are edited and I hit the wall today.

I was going to edit the next five or 10 minutes of the film, but got an email from… 173 more words