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I found a bag!

This is the coolest tackiest bag I found as a prop for STARS IN HIS EYES. James Dixon will be carrying this around in the movie – trying to look unobtrusive. 33 more words


James Dixon has heard it often enough: “I don’t date black men.”

Why set limitations on yourself?

James stars in the feature film Stars In His Eyes, the romantic comedy for 2019. 10 more words

We have computers!

We have computers for the movie set!!!  Thanks to Next Step Recycling in Eugene OR this movie is gonna look great!!!!

We’re finding props we need.  48 more words

Put some color in it!

James Dixon has deliciously lickable skin. I want to make sure you see how gorgeous he is in STARS IN HIS EYES.

So I’m using gels to color in the shadows while filming, following the advice of Ava Berkofsky who lights HBO’s INSECURE.  https://petapixel.com/2017/09/14/look-hbos-insecure-lights-black-actors/

Sicilian accent?

Jonas has 3 weeks to learn a Sicilian accent.

No pressure or anything…. but….. people in Sicily will see this movie. So it better be believable. 62 more words

Wracking my brain

The guys put together a jigsaw puzzle in the movie and for the life of me I can’t figure out what the image should be.  Something to do with astrology or love or something completely absurd? 59 more words

Ripping my shirt off

I give everything for my art.

I’m asking you to give a little bit.

Join Charles and Louis and the other wonderful people who are supporting this movie at… 118 more words