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Michael Taggart

Our first entry into the LGBT scene is the art and photography of Michael Taggart.  Michael is a gay male photographer who has an affinity primarily focusing on the beauty of the youthful male form which he does an excellent job both in his photography and his artwork.   231 more words

Youth Photography

A Faulty Kiss (A chapter in the FRESNO TIMES CHRONICLES) by matthew h. carlson

A Faulty Kiss


by Matthew H. Carlson

She had a large mouth and big lips which were red and wide, an entrance to the snake-like tongue that lived behind them. 644 more words



I’ve spent a good week watching this ABC family show The Fosters, and in this show it follows a relationship of two young boys Jude and Conner. 673 more words


The Story of a Week, Straight Men, Their Explanations (and 800 Followers)

Straight Men Explain Things to Me was written a week ago in a bit of haze. It was sometime around eight in the morning when I started writing it. 585 more words


Viral Seduction

Acts 20:26-31 26 “Therefore, I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any of you. 27 For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God. 2,023 more words


3 Things I Currently Can't Stand (While in the Throes of a Silent Depression)

Oh, sure, the well of my annoyances, my grievances runs deep, but you’d never know it if you worked with me. I’m silly, I laugh often; I’m attentive; I listen. 1,010 more words


Negotiating the fetishisation of youth in the gay male media of Japan

by Thomas Baudinette (PhD Candidate, Monash University)

Like many gay* male subcultures around the world, Japan’s is highly stratified by class, body type, age and gendered identity. 1,228 more words