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About my next post

I was going to publish it today, but after doing some research, I found out my subject’s anniversary is tomorrow. Funny because I was waiting until November to publish it. 157 more words

Creative Writing


Rock pool living, that’s me.
Underneath the sun, at one with water.
I became so used to living on the rocks,
That on the rocks became soothing to me. 114 more words



Yes, I know this post is at least two weeks late. Sorry about that but I’m retired ya know and can’t be but so bothered by deadlines. 1,027 more words

gas station flowers

last year we were sitting in my car in silence,

like every relationship when it’s at it’s pending end.

in the end we moved around in a haze, tired a desperately waiting for the suffering to end… 242 more words




“Dancing Queen” by Cher: 

Do you ever find something so absolutely absurd that no matter how real you know it is, you still can’t believe it’s really real? 2,013 more words


‘What Makes a Man?’ - Andrew McMillan and Joseph Cassara @ The London Lit Fest

Just back from a lovely afternoon at the Southbank Centre. Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Cassara’s debut novel The House of Impossible Beauties… 163 more words


The Cupid Hotel: Luthor and Zor-El

Lena did her best to avoid direct eye contact with anyone on the street of Gotham City, carefully dodging every passerby as she rolled on down the sidewalk. 7,371 more words