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Loving Men-Boomeranged

I’ve never thrown a boomerang.

I have, however, been boomeranged.

Boomerangs are like dirty pennies: They keep showing up.

Or mysterious stains on your favorite shirt that, even when laundered, keep popping up. 307 more words



This is not a drill. I repeat, hold on to your titties and join me in a celebratory frolick.

Xoxo, COGG strikes again. It’s official, I’m finally chatting to a guy. 393 more words


You're Welcome

This won’t be much of a story. I just wanted to mention something that happened to me before. It’s kind of crazy, but it is funny. 497 more words

Gay Horror Short - Tonight It's You

Who says Tumblr is nothing but porn!? Ok, well, it’s 98% porn, but without it, I would have never come across the intriguing screen grabs for… 425 more words


Interview with an Ethiopian-born Queer Woman: Hazel Thomas - Part 2

Hi family!

We were very pleased to see the number of readers for Part 1 of our interview with Hazel! We cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve shown to us thus far. 1,376 more words


Cura Gay?

Oi oi gente! Ainda tem alguém chocado com a notícia da semana passada? Aquela notícia mesmo, que diz que a justiça aprova que psicólogos curem a homossexualidade. 553 more words


My 10th Anniversary: The Healing Power of Celebrating Homosexuality

10 Years ago, around this time of year I came out of the closet. I was 16 years old. I had just transfered from an all boys Christian school to a co-ed secular school. 1,312 more words