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Long Way (for M2)

We hadn’t spoke in months
but then my phone buzzed
like a startled rattler or the
end of the period it came
from nowhere like a water… 48 more words




Would you want to know the date of your death?  In the late 1960s, when all four Gold children: Varya, Daniel, Kara and Simon, bored from too much time during their summer vacation — decide to visit a fortuneteller famous for predicting when people will die. 123 more words


Can't Say I Know You

I never had you down as the type to wear leather.
The goof that I once knew, must have changed their attitude.
But it was long ago that you and I were last together. 152 more words


re: the royal wedding & weddings in general

There’s something about ceremony

that feels like silence to me, like debt,


sometimes, life’s a party you weren’t invited

to. sometimes, you’re the shadow between streetlights. 79 more words

Four Steps to Freedom (Part 4 of 4)

One more step now, only one more step.

Kai’s mother was screeching in the background. “Kai, you will be sorry if you go with him! Don’t leave me! 228 more words


Pope tells gay man: ‘God made you like this. God loves you like this.’

Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of sexual abuse, spent three days with Pope Francis at the Vatican in April, in which he discussed his sexuality and the abuse he suffered at the hands of a Chilean priest. 76 more words

Anything To Help You #thrive