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A battered boy named Roan, my favorite scene from The Godfather and a true BROmance.

I’m still here! I’ve been busy but I’ve missed you. I decided I’d be generous with the excerpts since it’s been a while and I’m so stoked to tell you all about Roan. 5,091 more words




I look at you with weary eyes. I have loved you for so long, it’s no longer right.

My heart yearned for the ending. My mind grew tired of hoping. 282 more words


PLAYLIST: What's New On The Popularizer?

What’s New On The Popularizer?

The Popularizer is a Spotify playlist with 1800+ followers where we will share brand new music that everyone will LOVE! 111 more words



We boarded about 45 minutes late but are now at our seats and they even have the all important air vent! Yay! And best of all, they just handed out menus and dessert is an Ice Cream Sundae….I still get excited about ice cream on a plane.

Philadelphia here we come!


Special is a new Netflix show released on the 13th April 2019 in the UK about Ryan, a gay and disabled man learning to be okay with both of these identities. 648 more words


In the Lounge.

Got out of the van at 8:34 and checked into the lounge at 9:34. So an hour to find the correct checkin counter (why is that always the most difficult part in an European airport?) which of course was at the opposite end of where we entered the building, checkin, go through USA only security, then walk back to where we started, them passport control leaving the EU, then walk through the huge duty free, then walk past 10 gates, then upstairs, wait on a train, ride it ala Orlando, exit train, then walk past four gates, then ride elevator down to lounge. 10 more words