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The dishonesty of atheism

There was this discussion doing the rounds on social media about two gay lions captured on camera while in the act. And the Atheists in Kenya (AIK) were quick to point out that this is only natural, so we shouldn’t be surprised. 392 more words

Life Issues

the wind is your lover

you are so

gorgeous the very

earth cannot help but

fall in love with


every touch is a step

you run your fingers across my

skin like you are racing to somewhere you’ve

never heard of and I am your

unexpected destination.

All the wrong choices. (Ch8 - Hybrid theory)

Draco flopped, unceremoniously, at his desk. He closed his eyes and wished that he was back in bed.  It hadn’t even occurred to him that this morning, his face would be gracing the front of the Prophet as a seducer of the chosen one. 2,845 more words


A Coming Out Tale

Going through the photos on my phone, I came across a couple of my friend Rick and me. The picture quality is not good, this was the early 2000’s, and cloud storage wasn’t available. 1,414 more words

Kevin's Ramblings

How gay is Pakistan?

Going through the Netflix videos I had added to my list, I came across the documentary that I was so interested in – ‘How gay is Pakistan’. 499 more words