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Experimenting With Character-giving them a back-story.

I’m New at this and I don’t know the proper way to build a character. I just found a way that worked for me. This little chap is Tony my gay Pixie. 2,169 more words

My NCT Ships

You already know this post is going to be a mess. I JUST WANT TO SAY I am not saying these people are or are not in a relationship. 455 more words



Dancing pearls of light
Distance is the reflection
Drowning in his eyes of happiness
Dreaming of his touch, awakens
Daubs of what will be
Dining on his words, fulfills… 58 more words


Guilty of Love

via Daily Prompt: Guilty

The day is August 24, 2005.  I leave school (college).  I drive home.  I place all my school books on the counter and leave a note I had written the day before.  2,541 more words

Deleted Scene: Summer Romance

This contains spoilers for Summer Romance. The scene is between a couple, one person wants to come out and the other one doesn’t.

This was kinda weird. 296 more words



I had a dream I wanted to be something to someone. My life had hit rock bottom. Work had a few minor issues regarding payroll and that resulted in me having no money and having to use a credit card. 855 more words

Rupert Everrett, The Vanishing Years

Meant to read this book a few years ago BUT didn’t get around to it until last night – the regret of not having read sooner will haunt. 216 more words