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Moralists And Selective Acceptance

There was a time where I didn’t really think that hard about the topics of our generation like gender inequality, gay marriage and religion. I didn’t have much of an opinion and when people talked about it, I didn’t follow. 699 more words

The Briefest of Affairs

So I have realized that even though I want a soulmate and little heartbreak, I haven’t had the greatest relationships with men. The average person falls in love seven times before marrying, and like other stereotypical gay men, I have fallen in love about a thousand times if that includes swooning over a person and masturbating over him later in the night (it’s not my fault that Basketball shorts make a package more visible). 1,364 more words


What Makes Catholic Justice Kennedy Advocate for Lesbian & Gay Equality?

On Tuesday of this week, the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in the marriage equality cases that it will rule on by the end of the court’s session at the end of June. ¬† 844 more words



Our first home
a depression-style bungalow
was like the others
with roses in front
and a vine behind.

I remember
my mother’s violin
which she couldn’t play… 50 more words


Embrace the Rainbow

Before I came to Bucknell University I had never met someone who was homosexual, or even bisexual. However, I was very accustomed to hearing gay slurs in my everyday life. 439 more words


Protect me from what I want

This is one of my most favourite works done. It was really an emotional process when I was working on this particular piece.


04-25-15 Questions for the Chick from Oneida

I haven’t thought of you in awhile…

(two hens gabbling over previous lies,


Why did you choose to date,

me? Why would anyone choose… 105 more words