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Four Treasures from the British Museum

Meroe Head of Augustus

Ife Crowned Head

Dancing Shiva

The Warren Cup


So, if I am going to be as tolerant as the liberal left, I would now be requesting that they be arrested or issuing orders to have them shot… As a christian I find this highly offensive, but as an American, I will stand up and fight for their right to do this (freedom of speech), as a Conservative, I will find offense in this, but will allow them the freedom to offend many Christians  and as a Christian, I will pray for them and show them love and understanding.

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Why isn't sexuality and Gender a normalised concept yet?

So on the 26th June 2015 marked a historic day for all Americans, finally the legalisation of gay marriage in every state. But from this, we question ourselves – why didn’t it happen sooner? 337 more words


It Has Only Begun: What To Expect After Marriage Equality

June 26th of 2015 will forever be remembered as one of the single biggest victories for the LGBT community in American history. This is the day that the Supreme Court ruled that… 414 more words

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Gay Wine: 5 Things Not To Miss In Sonoma

Discover white, red, rosé …. and rainbow-tinged wine of gay-popular Sonoma County. From San Francisco drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and an hour through beautiful rolling hills to a darling little town called  605 more words

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Do Rainbow Weddings Dream of White Dresses?

by Delaney Rose

Ever since I was a young, rainbow-freckled lesbian I’ve dreamt of the day I would have the right to get married. I always thought I’d celebrate, get married spontaneously, release a bunch of gay doves, bathe in glitter and scented candle wax, and help a bunch of other gays paint New York City in rainbow colors. 947 more words

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Yes, 26th June 2015,one of the most developed,research oriented nation with a literacy rate of 99% declared that Homosexuals can now marry without any hurdle in their way.The nation,whose culture has a great impact on the world,whose every move,every law is monitored by the whole world due to its super-power status;that nation decided to disgrace humanity by passing a law which contradicts human nature,which contradicts evolution,which contradicts the status given to man of being the greatest creation ,greater even than the angels ,only because he has decided to behave like animals. 714 more words