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Rise: Chapter Twenty-Two


“Ready?” Teddy asked, coming out of the room with the electric razor in hand. Julian had a towel over his shoulders to catch wayward hair, fingers playing with his soon-to-be-gone hair. 1,786 more words

Budgie's Journal #6 - Too Gay

I recently heard someone use the term “too gay” to describe something a homosexual character did on a TV show or movie. A couple of days later, I find myself writing dialogue for a gay character of mine. 188 more words


| game plan | 1 yr 4 mths to move |

a few months ago i made a choice. i decided that life in lincoln, nebraska wasn’t cutting it for me anymore and i needed to get out. 676 more words


Update on Texas HB 2899

On Monday of last week, I published a post regarding anti-transgender bathroom legislation in North Carolina and Texas. This post is an update on the Texas legislation, which had a hearing in the state House of Representatives last Wednesday, April 19th. 354 more words


Greetings, Salutations, and other such cordialities.

How do you find yourself?

Well imediatly this makes an assumption that you’re lost in one way or another. The other is that you, if you are lost, would indeed like to be found which may or may not be the case. 177 more words



So today is the 24th of April 2017 and like almost everyone else on the planet I have decided to start a blog.

Why? Well, photography and videography are my passions and want to share some of my content with the world. 56 more words


Man Crush Monday - April 24th 2017 Edition

Sporadic but keeping up with my Man Crush Mondays as best I can. Today it’s Monday! Spring’s in the air and not that it’s stopped these guys but of course more clothes come off when the air gets warmer. 164 more words