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Episode 22 : "Chicago" with Kayan

5, 6, 7, 8! On this weeks episode Nick and special guest, Kayan take a deep dive into the 2002 film adaption of Kander and Ebb’s Chicago! 70 more words


In Honor of Stan Lee, a Beloved Ancestor: Why this Gay Kid Found a lot of Hope and Meaning in Marvel Heroes

I am not the biggest comic book nerd you can find…but I always have loved Marvel’s stories. Rather it was the Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons I use to watch as a kid, keeping up with early and modern movies, and even the video games, or yes even occasional comics I would read, Marvel’s stories have always inspired a lot in me and given me stories I can identify with. 1,166 more words


Social media has opened up yet another strange aspect to us as humans…. secrets…remember the days when there was NO INTERNET in the world…? People would walk around, a whole world within themselves, all SECRET….from cradle to grave…and generations had lived like that and accepted it as a given….until the Internet came along and BINGO….now everyone is sharing their intimate secrets with total strangers from across the world…making friends and lovers that way…maybe virtual…and if one is brave and adventurous enough… even fly over and get it over with in person…but irony here is… the same person still hides from FAMILY… and i mean immediate family… you know spouses, friends etc… ones they are physically known by…which brings up the interesting side here… we feel so vulnerable and judged by the very ones whom we grew up with, share the bed with or eat and drink with…. 80 more words

Straight Talk

Topanga Seed (Ch. 10)

After he finished his work at the premiere and received his insincere thank you from the upper ranks of the Braunstein Center—an amusing, empty “thank you”now that the event was over and no one but other volunteers were about to witness the false smiles and lack of appreciation found in pseudo spirituality—and now wandering to his car parked somewhere up on Olympic, he felt a draining in him. 1,967 more words


Find Me Underneath the Tree

Maybe you’ll find me,

Underneath the Christmas tree.

Or maybe I’ll find you,

Perched quiet inside my stocking.

There might be mistletoe, 

And there might be fields of snow… 66 more words


A Gracious Heretic: Catching Up With Connie Tuttle

Connie Tuttle tells her story of being a queer prophet.

Connie Lee Tuttle is the pastor of Circle of Grace, a small, progressive, ecumenical, feminist, Christian house church in Atlanta, Georgia. 103 more words

Love Anyone - A Poem

Limiting your choice of love to one gender

is like walking around with your eyes closed.