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Dating apps or shall I say “dating” apps are convinient in itself. The concept or the idea is easy. You see someone you like, you say hello, you have a chat, you meet for coffee or dinner and then comes the happily ever after….. 507 more words


Ghost of Lover's Past

You were the needle in my arm 

Supplying the high, watching me fall

You were my company

But when the revenue dried

All things said abruptly dissolved… 94 more words


Something New For the Checklist

When I go on a date, I don’t usually have a checklist of things that the guy needs to have. Chemistry is obviously number 1. That’s all I look for, am i comfortable? 500 more words

Going back to us


And now we come back full circle to those of us who are not ‘passing’. Those of us who are judged immediately after opening our mouths to speak with our high pitch tones. 633 more words


To my fellow LGBT friends.

I am currently editing a collection of coming out stories which is to be published at the later part of this year.

I need your stories. 243 more words

Saigon chic: masculine


Huy Nguyen, the star of Tam Bui‘s beautiful recent photo essay Erotika and a pretty good photographer in his own right.

The Final Day.

It’s the last day. We got up early and my friend wanted to go to this bagel place he liked. It was on the mainland and it took a little drive. 133 more words