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“Hate crimes against gay people rockets In the UK”

The headline read:

“Hate crimes against gay people rockets

In the UK”



To people who have no prejudice.

But I see prejudice

Everywhere. 64 more words




One of the things that are still opposed in religion and in a country is the same-sex marriage rules. They are still contradicting whether same-sex marriage is legal or illegal. 1,967 more words

“Don't let people know the facts about the political and economic situation; divert their attention to giant pandas, channel swimmers, royal weddings and other soothing topics.” (George Orwell, I Have Tried to Tell the Truth: 1943-1944)

How depressing is it that Orwell not only hasn’t aged at all, but seems more pertinent than ever? Let’s distract ourselves from the dystopian nightmare we’re living with a few books… here is my contribution to the 1944 Club, hosted by Kaggsy at… 1,066 more words



Everything in my life makes sense today, well for the most part. I’ve begun to understand why I am the way that I am. Today I finally, after years of suffering, received a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. 60 more words

Kerryn Phelps is a NO No!

Folks, if you are thinking of voting for Kerryn Phelps don’t, vote Liberal and make Phelps swear in. This women is a dud and a left-wing okie whose is only goin to wreck the place with femo bullshit. 12 more words

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Nothing Special

Yeah, I’m nothing special.
Yeah, I’m sentimental.
Yeah, I don’t do much to keep things tight.
But yeah, you shouldn’t tell me,
Yeah, you know I’m not the only. 142 more words


Two Dykes, One Scamp

Our current abode stands at 1,904 square feet. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and every commonplace amenity you could think of including a jetted tub for a good soak, and a fireplace in the basement underneath a large mounted TV. 976 more words