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Aaron's Need!

“That’s your fucking problem!” Marc huffed in Aaron’s ear! “You need a fucking Daddy! You need someone to control you and your pussy!” Marc had Aaron half naked in the apartment complex stairwell. 1,773 more words

the sick truth

I always thought that it would all happen very differently. I guess I based myself on cheesy movie scenarios or things i’ve seen here and there on t.v. 1,928 more words

Full Bloom

Toss that rouge. And don’t even think of spreading that magenta gloss. I’m a Crazed Comedia, Louis Vitton kind of girl. The others try and copy my slide. 1,249 more words


News from abroad: Media exposé of state funds diverted to gay clubs could lead to trans deaths

If that headline sounds a bit convoluted, don’t worry: it’s not really. Rather, it’s just another everyday story of how a sensational media exposé of wrongdoing in the public sphere may yet backfire with the unintended and unfortunate consequence that some trans people get killed as a result. 444 more words


Trying Out: Henry Art and Famous Tattoos (Week 5 & Week 6)

Week Five- Henry Art Gallery

I did not visit many places on campus during my four years at University of Washington.  Sure, I could have strolled through the museum for free, but why do that when you can come back a decade or two later and pay full price? 907 more words

Tricks  and hook ups 

So what gives,…everytime a hook up occurs you think your walking into what you two talked about over the phone or world wide web. Then come to meeting, every excuse is made readily made available to you. 39 more words


A crash course in surrogacy...

One could argue, based on the dates of my old emails, that our journey started on February 17, 2016.  This is the date I first requested information from a random company regarding surrogacy and egg donation.   689 more words