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Linear Park

With the publication of Linear Park from Dreamspinner Press, it looks like I’m writing again! I haven’t had a book out since 2001, so this is pretty exciting. 155 more words


Take a long look at this photo. If your initial thought process was “It’s just a photo of the water,” you are absolutely correct! However, you could try another approach. 257 more words

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Hello Project,

I am a twenty-year-old dreamer, who unfortunately has already had big bangs and still continues to fall in love with nice guys he comes in contact with. 693 more words


Retirement and Dogs Part 10

To Be or Not To Be

I’ll just give you a quick recap from last time. GG and I moved into a new apartment, and I had met someone that she approved of. 778 more words

Assimilation Is Not Liberation…The Importance of Preserving Gay Culture

We could have plenty of conversations about injustices of gay people in society. Some having to do with institutional issues, others with social prejudice. Many gays simply just want to live their lives in society without being persecuted for being who they are. 1,366 more words


Quote Of The Day #8

Me: “Bitch I’m Beyonce, I aint no Michelle”
Some skanky hoe: “Who’s Michelle?”

Me: “Exactly!”


Genesis 6: 9-22: Noah's Ark

Basically in this chapter, God realizes that all living creatures on earth are corrupted, except for Noah, a descendant of Adam and Eve who still worships God where all others have failed to. 277 more words

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