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A couple of days in Malta

wrote I had been lyrical about my Malta trip. I do have fond memories of the island. I went for five or six days in April 2016 as embedded journalist to cover the… 361 more words


The Big Gay Elephant in the Room: Or Why I Stopped Believing What the Preacher Told Me

A lesbian, transgender, and bisexual teenager walk into an anti-gay seminar. Setup to an overused joke or actual life experience? Since we’re talking about Adventism, it’s usually the same thing. 738 more words


I’ve been sitting on this draft for about 18 months. With the clock winding down on the applicability of the adjective “early” to my grumpy, old man shtick, I figure I better either throw this out there or abandon it forever. 1,844 more words

Saturdays and this guy

Saturdays are best spent with your best friend.



So here it is.

The start of this.. I don’t know, maybe fun but maybe something that will make me completely lose my mind.

I wanted to start this as a type of outlet to talk about the things that go through my mind every day, things that worry me, upset me, make me happy and everything in between. 51 more words


Wip – Parent trap

The american one was hella gay, you can’t fight me on this.