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taking photos

taking photos
of new green growth
Earth Day

* * *
Haiku and photo by Ellen Grace Olinger (2015).  Primroses are growing through last year’s leaves in our yard. 17 more words


Earth Day Birthday Bash

Surprise! Happy birthday, Earth, you old bastard. Alright, alright, I now it’s not really Earth’s birthday, but everyone needs a special day, and it looks like today is that day for you, Earth. 847 more words

Earth Day Every Day

My memories of the first years of Earth Day celebrations mostly center on a beloved school art teacher, who would take us into the woods next to the school to collect natural objects. 885 more words

Current Events

Survey Says - questions at The Haiku Foundation

The Survey Says question this week, at The Haiku Foundation, asks for feedback about THF Education Wall.

Please read Jim Kacian’s post today, if you are interested, and would like to post a comment at The Haiku Foundation, for this post, or for one of their many interesting posts. 64 more words


The First Earth Day Boston Mass

I was looking for some info on the first Earth Day and I came across this really cool footage of students trying to have a peaceful protest at Logan and then all hell broke loose. 294 more words


sometimes by sight

“Painted Trillium”

Yesterday, Karl and I enjoyed a nice Sunday dinner at Sheboygan’s Family Restaurant.  During the week, our meals at home are simple.  This is the time of year when away from Lake Michigan, the weather is warmer, and a little more Spring is blooming.  180 more words


sand and earth

sand and earth
water close to shore
early spring

* * *

I mentioned National Poetry Month is in April.  Earth Day, founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, is on April 22.

National Poetry Month