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Reflections in Gaza

Reflections in Gaza

By Amira S.

This poem is to articulate my experiences in Gaza – sitting on the beach at night, on the rooftop of my home. 230 more words

Egypt, Gaza and the siege

The new Egyptian government has been criticized for being complicit in the siege of Gaza, having shut down its border with the Palestinian strip in 2013 and destroying hundreds of tunnels in the process. 162 more words

TV Interview: International community overlooks as Gaza continues to remain in tatters

I was interviewed about the deteriorating situation in Gaza by Press TV on 4/2/2016
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My Travails Crossing the Rafah Border

Travel to Gaza has never been easy.

In 2004, my friend and I made it through the Erez Checkpoint between Israel and Gaza only after answering a ton of questions at Ben Gurion airport. 1,568 more words