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خانہ جنگی اور دنیا کی بے حسی کا شکار مظلوم مسلمان

مشرق وسطیٰ کے بیشتر اہم ممالک میں جاری خانہ جنگی کے باعث یہاں کے عوام شدید کرب میں مبتلا ہیں۔ شام، عراق، لیبیا، یمن، فلسطین اور افغانستان میں مقامی فورسز اور جنگجوؤں کے درمیان جاری خانہ جنگی اور غیر ملکی فورسز کے حملوں میں اب تک نہ صرف لاکھوں شہری ہلاک بلکہ لاکھوں اپنے گھر بار چھوڑنے پر مجبور ہوئے یا کیے گئے ہیں۔ فضائی کارروائیوں سے محفوظ رہنے کیلئے نقل مکانی کرنے والے افراد مہاجرین کیمپوں میں بے سرو سامانی کی زندگی گزارنے پر مجبور ہیں۔


Two years after Gaza war, not a single war crime indictment | +972 Magazine

The Israeli military’s law enforcement system and its flawed investigative mechanisms appear primarily geared toward protecting the armed forces instead of civilians, thus allowing impunity to prevail. 22 more words


Waiting for an apology from John Kerry...

Back in April 2016, I wrote about how the United States had begun adopting Israeli techniques to minimize civilian casualties in the fight against ISIS, despite the UN criticizing Israel for civilian casualties while it used those tactics. 655 more words


A young Palestinian walks through the house demolished by the Israeli army

A young Palestinian walks through the house of Bilal Abu Zeid, which was demolished by the Israeli army


A young Palestinian during a military-style exercise

A young Palestinian crawls through a tunnel during a military-style exercise at a summer camp organized by the Islamic Jihad Movement in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.


Celebrating Eid in Gaza amidst the rubble of war

I spent the Eid last year in Gaza, with families who experienced unimagineable horrors during the successive Gaza assaults. Today is 2 years since the 2014 Gaza war began. 206 more words


Turkish ship carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza

A Turkish ship carrying more than 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip has reached the Israeli port of Ashdod. The vessel Lady Leyla set sail late on Friday from the Turkish city of Mersin. 125 more words