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Post Draft Overview: Western Granbull Dogs

Team: Western Granbull Dogs
Trainer: Thrillhouse
Season 1 placing:
Retentions: Vaporeon, Darmanitan, Aegislash
Mega: Slowbro
Round 1 Opponent: Soccermews

After finishing second after the home and away rounds, the Granbulls narrowly lost their Semi Final to the Remoraiders and were knocked out. 491 more words

Post Draft Overview: Soccermews

Team: Soccermews
Trainer: Twitch
Season 1 placing:
Retentions: Hydreigon, Sylveon, Mew
Mega: Metagross
Round 1 Opponent: Western Granbull Dogs

While the North Adelaide Nigels were off on their amazing unbeaten path to the inaugural ABL premiership, the Soccermews were at the other end of the scale, dead last, and winless. 703 more words

Post Draft Overview: Port Adelaide Power-Up Punch

Team: Port Adelaide Power-Up Punch
Trainer: Entaku
Season 1 placing: 4th
Retentions: Mienshao, Zapdos
Mega: Diancie
Round 1 Opponent: Adelaide Clefablers

The Power-Up Punch were finalists in ABL01, but were eliminated in the Semi Finals by eventual premiers, North Adelaide. 695 more words

Finally Something New

It’s been a tough time for new pick ups. With Valentine’s Day and a bachelor’s party I didn’t have much to spend. I’m also looking at a wedding and a birthday I need to buy a present for ahead. 134 more words

In Person Pick Ups

Super Mario World - SNES, Game Boy Advance

One night a while back, I finished a game rather early in the evening. Anne put on a movie, and I found myself with nothing to do. 1,164 more words