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Episode 5-4 Mega Man Battle Network

Let’s keep the Mega Man love going, let’s listen to the music from the GBA series Mega Man Battle Network.  Pernell finds his inner Mega Man, and Rob talks about a snare drum for too long.   127 more words

Rhythm And Pixels

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 55!

Last week I bought two consoles and this week I added a handheld to my collection.

Gameboy Advance

I had an original Gameboy laying around but the screen didn’t work properly  so I had no way of playing my Gameboy games. 193 more words


Streets of Pocky: Duo Retrospectives

KiKi KaiKai is probably a game most people aren’t familiar with. It was a Japanese arcade title that released on September 18, 1986 making today its 30th Anniversary. 271 more words


Remember that time Nintendo got rid of the headphone jack?

(Source: arstechnica.com)

A leading technology company announces the next in its successful and long-standing line of handheld hardware. The new update sports plenty of long-awaited features, including an improved screen and a better battery. 1,229 more words


Did Multiplatform Releases Hurt Handhelds?

Whenever the conversation about traditional handheld game systems comes up these days you seem to either have a lifestyle that suits handhelds or you don’t. It’s driven a rift between people who miss the days of the Game Boy Advance or the original DS and those who could care less about them and would always rather play on a console or PC. 1,291 more words


A Look Back: Why 'Mario Golf: Advance Tour' Is One Of The Best Sports Games Ever

In recent years, with the rising popularity of casual and Facebook gaming, it’s become the trend to merge different genres with the RPG. Bejeweled and… 149 more words