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30 Days Video Game Challenge - Day2 - Your Favorite Character

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Day 2: Your Favorite Character

This was actually really hard for me to choose from. I mean I like a lot of characters. 201 more words

Discover Pokemon

With the new episodes Sun and Moon being recently released, (becoming Nintendo’s fastest selling games soon after) the craze for Pokemon and the desire to discover the series may never have been this great. 106 more words


Minior: A Pebble Full Of Potential

Minior is arguably one of the cutest Pokemon we received this generation, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. Minior is an adorable ball of terror underneath that shell, and I expect it to make a big impact in league format, no pun intended. 914 more words

Sun And Moon Speculation

CCO107- World Histories and Issues GBA

For this Group-Based Assignment (GBA), we have 2 deliverable, namely a video and a group summary. For the video, we have to choose a historical site or artefact(s), give background information on it, its local and world historical significance. 413 more words


CCO105- Social Research GBA


In this Group-Based Assignment (GBA), we have to do up a research proposal with regards to a social phenomenon. We have came up with the research question on “Why do suppliers continue to supply shark fins, specifically shark finning?” as we decided to choose on a topic with regards to environmental issues. 389 more words


CCO103- Critical Readings GBA

The deliverable for this Group-Based Assignment (GBA) is a satirical video that presents the reasons and benefits of a perfect workforce. Since the video has to be satirical, we decided to present the cons of having an imperfect workforce by mocking Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in an exaggerating manner. 370 more words


CCO101- Thinking and Reasoning GBA

The second assignment due in this common core module was a Group-Based Assignment (GBA) that was divided into part 1 and 2 with a deadline gap of 1 week For part 1, we were supposed to craft out a new conspiracy theory out of 1 of a series of real-life events. 511 more words