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End of Month View April 2016

Where did last month go?  I can’t believe it is May already.

It has been difficult to do anything garden-related recently as the weather has not been very good. 758 more words

Garden Update

First Blooms: GBBD, April 2016

Last year, someone posted a list from comedian Jeff Foxworthy of “how you know you’re in New England.” One of my favorite items on the list was “You have all four seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.” Although I don’t think this is so true of southern New England, which usually has a lovely spring, it is a comically accurate description of northern New England, where April is more often than not “still winter.” Warm weather at the end of March this year almost lulled us into thinking winter was over; but then the first week of April brought us record-breaking cold and a reminder that it was “still winter.” 273 more words


GBBD April in Aberdeen

Friday 15th April

Well, we have snow forecast and below zero night time temperatures! I have been out wrapping up my garden – well some of it anyway. 488 more words

Garden Update

Bits of Blooms

Celebrating a bit of bloomin’ for April and I’m loving my back garden’s bloomin’ bits.

I was attempting shots of busy native and honey bees–no joy there– but the shrubs and flowers posed beautifully and smiled winningly for the camera. 349 more words

GBBD - March 2016 - A Tour Round the Garden.

On the 15th of every month May Dreams Garden host Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I am a few days late but looking at everyone’s garden got me out into my own. 995 more words

Gardening And Design

Waiting for Spring: GBBD, March 2016

Despite some unseasonably warm, spring-like days and an early snow melt, I am still waiting for spring to arrive in my Maine garden. There are some signs of new growth here and there, like on hardy geranium plants, … 209 more words


Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 2016

Whoops. Has it really been a month again? (Calendar pictures don’t count, I scheduled all of those at the end of last year.)

Well, beating myself up over it is no use. 196 more words