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Warm Colors for a Cold, White Season: GBBD, February 2017

February is typically the coldest and snowiest month in Maine, and it can easily seem like the longest month of the year. After an unusually warm January, I was feeling a bit complacent about this winter, but that changed with the arrival of February. 251 more words


Winter Flowers: GBBD, January 2017

Having missed bloom day in December, I was determined to post in January. So here I am, better late than never.

This is the season when my garden is tucked in under a blanket of snow (it is snowing even as I write) and I rely on houseplants for my flower fix. 182 more words


A Season of Transition: GBBD, November 2016

It is very unusual to have flowers still blooming in a Maine garden in mid-November, but I do. Despite many nights with freezing temperatures and several hard frosts, the smooth asters ( 214 more words


Sedums and Other Fall Flowers: GBBD, September 2016

Despite drought and some overnight temperatures in the thirties (F), there are still many flowers  blooming in my garden. The sedums, of course, are autumn stalwarts, generally unfazed by drought or cold. 446 more words


The Season of Summer Phlox: GBBD, August 2016

August is a month when the garden can begin to look tired and bedraggled. That is especially true this year, when our drought conditions mean that foliage that would normally be green is shriveled and browning, some plants are splayed open at the center (as though trying to get as much moisture as possible into their crowns), and many flowering perennials are blooming sparsely or not at all. 400 more words


Red Hot

It’s hot, hot, hot!  That’s a common, though tiresome, refrain this time of year here in Austin, Texas as we’re all incessantly whining about summer’s heat. 503 more words

July’s Floral Bounty: GBBD, July 2016

July is the time of peak bloom in my Maine garden. The garden hasn’t reached its peak yet; that is still a week or two away. 327 more words