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Discounts everywhere at a local shop on GBA games. $11 for the entire lot which isn’t too bad when considering a first party Nintendo game is in there.

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在tgbus下了一个gbc游戏合集,随手点了个格斗游戏。本来只是想测试没想到我个手残竟然顺着一路玩下去。游戏名叫《超级中国人》,上网搜了一下gbc上那一作叫《超级中国人EX(或者超级中国拳格斗EX)》,Super Chinese Fighter EX。 开发公司是culture brain, 从来没听过。不关注格斗游戏的我只听过SNK和卡婊,卡婊无处不在。刚看这名字还以为是手撕鬼子…




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Ending Unlocked Already? Stranded Kids Corruptions Part 2

Today I’m going to corrupt Stranded Kids again.

This time I am using a save state just outside the hut on the second day in case the game crashes. 613 more words


Vanity thought #1596. Lines of authority

GBC has been promoting its paper on the lines of authority for several years now, everyone must have read it already. I have, and forgotten all the details. 1,465 more words


January 7th

Today I’m grateful for the connections I’ve been able to make with my community. My identity is layered like so many of us, and it hasn’t been an easy journey by any stretch. 31 more words

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