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A Bisket - A Basket, A Tisket - A Tasket

February 15th was the busiest that I have ever seen the St. Lawrence Market. I’m not sure why the market was booming, but I’m glad to see that it’s getting the attention that it deserves. 667 more words


I’ve worked in the retail clothing industry for nearly 10 years and I can easily say that people are crazy for clothes (See “Black Friday”). Ask any retail worker to tell you stories about working the holiday season and you will be shocked. 390 more words


Vizzed Play Pokemon Crystal Gbc Online Game Boy Color 1399 Ygnacio

Vizzed play pokemon crystal gbc online game boy color 1399 ygnacio

Play Pokemon Crystal online with Game Boy Color browser emulation for free! Pokemon Crystal (GBC) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr Onlinestockexchangetradinginindia + , J pensou em se tornar um Mestre Pokmon? 53 more words

Let's Get Freaky

Freak Pp Co. Power Packs Drive

Freak Ppl Co. is not asking for food, money, or clothes, instead (wait for it, my male readers…..) they want Pads and Tampons! 351 more words


4 Things I Learned Being In A Social Innovation Hub

I had an amazing weekend, because I had a chance to attend Ryerson’s “Social xChange” on behalf of GBC’s Social Innovation Hub. And I have to say “WOW” Ryerson’s new “Student Learning Centre” is the newest addition to the Downtown Toronto growing campus. 1,310 more words


5 Reasons You Should Care About “Textbooks For Change”

As a university/college student for over 5 years now I have learned a thing or two. As a student we need to be smart, not just “A+ in computer engineering” smart, but money smart as well. 977 more words


Szyba GBC Centrostal Bydgoszcz SA

Szanowni Państwo

Doszło do próby zniszczenia Wandy Serwickiej i Wandy Idziak oraz mojego teścia Jan Kaźmierczyk podstawionego pod mojego dziadka Franciszka Jana Mazurka w celu wprowadzenia zgodności z fałszywym systemie bankowy, Doszło po zakupie udziałów GBC Centrostal Bydgoszcz SA w 2004 roku przez PPH APE-Jerzy Kaźmierczyk do stłuczenia szyby w Warszawie na ulicy Łopuszańskiej w DOMSTAL  SP. 1,170 more words