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The Anatomy of a Short Vol Trade | Exploiting Geopolitical Shocks

Given markets are prone to different regimes, which often last long enough to put proponents of methods antithetical to the environment out of business — or in a psychiatric ward — it is then necessary to have a number of different approaches or frameworks to remain adaptable enough to exploit variant regimes. 1,756 more words

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The bullish pound sterling?

Sometimes it’s really hard to write a post about a topic I wrote so many times before. I’ve just recently posted an update on the USD view focusing on the EURUSD pair.  226 more words


বিডিআর বিদ্রোহের পেছনে ছিল ‘স্বার্থান্বেষী মহলের ষড়যন্ত্র’

এই ছবি বিদ্রোহ শুরু দিনের; ফটকের উপরে সশস্ত্র জওয়ানরা

আট বছর আগে সীমান্ত রক্ষী বাহিনীতে সংঘটিত বিদ্রোহের পেছনে ‘স্বার্থান্বেষী মহলের ষড়যন্ত্র’ ছিল উল্লেখ করে তা ঠেকাতে শেখ হাসিনা সরকারের নেওয়া পদক্ষেপের প্রশংসা ঝরেছে এই মামলার হাই কোর্টের রায়ে এক বিচারকের পর্যবেক্ষণে।

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UK Budget Likely To Prepare State Finances For Brexit Shock

Britain’s Treasury chief is likely to ignore demands that the government ease seven years of austerity when he unveils the budget Wednesday, opting instead to keep a tight rein on spending as economic growth slows and the country prepares for the impact of Brexit. 438 more words


Gravel Bottom Porter

Our upcoming club competition focuses on porters of all types. My own entry is a bit of a last-minute affair; this is coupled with a need/desire to use up some ingredients in the brewing stash. 297 more words


Sending money to India - best value transfers

Once you start earning in pounds and your bank balance accumulates, you will quickly realise that it is an insane waste of resources to keep pounds lying around in your current account or savings account (ISA). 649 more words