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Seaside Shuffle

My wife (Angela) and I wanted to make the most of the weekend by going somewhere for a ride out this weekend.  Our friends Linda and Andy came with us to Bridlington and this was an ideal opportunity for me to get a few steps in for day 5 of the Global Corporate Challenge. 678 more words


Sit down

I had a feeling that day 4 of the Global Corporate Challenge would be tough.  The soles of my feet are always hot, my ankles ache and my legs are a little bit stiff, so the challenge of walking any great distance today was definitely going to be a struggle. 495 more words


No Prospects for Peace in Syria

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016

by Stephen Lendman

Obama’s war continues, hundreds of US special forces and marines involved in combat, directly aiding terrorists in northern Syria. 406 more words


Don't stop me now!

Day 3 of the Global Corporate Challenge and I’m still walking (and even more remarkably, still blogging).  I picked up my ‘Pulse’ device from work today, so I can now finally start tracking my steps from tomorrow using the recommended equipment.  500 more words


MSVCRT.DLL Console I/O Bug

I have been quite annoyed by a Windows bug that causes a huge number of open-source command-line tools to choke on multi-byte characters at the Windows Command Prompt. 932 more words


Walk, don't run!

I was excited to enter my steps from day one into the Global Corporate Challenge mobile app when I woke up this morning.  My total for the day was 12,738 which was far better than I expected. 312 more words


Define values in compilation time with GCC

Sometimes your code need some additional / environmental information to compile, like version number, platform data, date, etc.

Most compilers let you “define” values in compile time, in this article we gonna cover how to do it in GCC, G++ and Clang. 109 more words