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Gulf Cooperation Council Attacks Yemen

Yesterday’s assault on Yemen was a watershed event, representing the first time that the Saudis have coordinated a military campaign with fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman and Kuwait. 4,643 more words

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Saudi Enters the Fray: Is Yemen the New Lebanon?

News broke this morning that Saudi Arabia entered Yemen after amassing troops along the shared border. With the backing of other GCC countries, Saudi Arabia is also joined by Jordan. 460 more words


Saudi-led strikes on Yemen against international law: Analyst

Press TV – March 26, 2015

Dozens of civilians are killed as Saudi Arabia and a coalition of regional allies launch a military operation in neighboring Yemen.

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Iran Warns: Saudi Arabia Will Get Finger Burnt in Yemen

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The Islamic Republic of Iran warned on Thursday the Saudi Arabia of continuing the military intervention in Yemen, stating that the results of the aggression will be certainly reflected against the Arab kingdom. 509 more words


Russia: Nationwide Dialogue Must Replace Military Actions in Yemen

Al-Manar | March 26, 2015

Russia will continue to stay in contact with all parties involved in the conflict to quickly find a way to peacefully settle the conflict, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

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Another War For Israel: KSA Launches Aggression on Yemen: Dozens Martyred

الحقيقة لا غبر ؟ | حميد رزق | المسيرة

Yemen: Another Imposed War?!

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26-03-2015 | 09:52

The ‘balance of power’ game has given legitimacy to US-backed Saudi Arabia along with 10 other allies to launch a military attack against another sovereign state under the claim of protecting the Yemeni government, at the time these very same countries including Saudi Arabia and the United States of America had supported uprisings in other countries such as Egypt and Tunisia and took part in toppling their governments.  1,286 more words


Gulf States Launch War on Yemen, Ansarullah: Yemen Army, Popular Committees Line up against Saudi Aggression

>Gulf States Launch War on Yemen

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Saudi Arabia along with other Gulf states launched late Wednesday a military offensive against Yemen, the Saudi ambassador to the United States announced from Washington. 564 more words

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