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British spy agency GCHQ apologizes for treatment of gays

Full storyI happened to be looking up what GCHQ stands for due to a British television show I watch online and found this beautiful article. 202 more words


Good chance spies are hoovering up your personal data in bulk, documents show

RT | April 21, 2016

British security services “routinely” collect personal data on bulk from thousands of public and private organizations, including confidential medical and financial records, newly-disclosed documents show.

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Civil Liberties

UK spy agencies systematically amass data on innocent people, legal challenge reveals

Privacy campaign group Privacy International says documents it has obtained through a legal challenge to the UK security agencies data-harvesting practices illustrate the extent to which spies have systematically and secretly amassed a cache of data on UK citizens for the past 15 years — regardless of whether a particular individual is suspected of a crime. 1,300 more words


GCHQ and its Chamber of Secrets

It was reported on Sunday that GCHQ intervened to prevent the leak of the sixth instalment of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. In response the spy agency said that it “didn’t comment on defence against the dark arts”. 867 more words

Drone kill list: Parliament deceived on ‘medieval assassination’ program

RT | April 11, 2016

Parliament has been deceived by the Conservative government on the scope and details of Britain’s unauthorized drone assassination program, according to a new report by the human rights NGO Reprieve.

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How British Spies Tried To Lend Harry Potter a Helping Hand

Spies from the British equivalent of the NSA tipped off Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury about an apparently leaked copy of Harry Potter novel The Half-Blood Prince… 287 more words