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Can governments really hack your webcam?

Yes they can! I’m sure many of you have seen people with stickers over their webcams and wondered why. But it’s well known in tech circles that a camera in a computer or smartphone can be turned on remotely by an attacker with the resources, time, and motivation. 824 more words


UK spy chiefs peel back secrecy - to fight cybercrime


© AFP/File / by James PHEBY | Britain’s cyber-spooks are reaching beyond the shroud of secrecy in a bid to harness the “exciting attitude of start-up land” to defend the country against hackers… 707 more words

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Here’s an idea which has been gnawing away at me for a couple of years.

Since my Master’s dissertation on surveillance this year, and my growing familiarity with the concepts of both Big Data and Open Data (I am currently unclear if the latter’s supporters deliberately do not capitalise the term!), as well as commercial work I have recently been doing on the concepts, I have had the opportunity to wonder whether all is right in the commercialisation of data: in particular, Big Data; in particular, the philosophies underlying its harvesting and posterior processing. 378 more words

Thought Experiments

The Cheltenham Gambit

Carrie hated conferences. She could just about cope with dozing through presentations, but she dreaded the evening socials. Looking cheerful while surrounded by strangers had never been in her job description. 1,001 more words

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A conspiracy proven true: Snowdon blows global surveillance wide open

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched? It’s not paranoia. You are…

Edward Snowden, formerly a systems administrator for America’s National Security Agency (NSA), has been called hero, patriot, and traitor. 1,023 more words

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Can you draw a line between this case and Anisminic?

Privacy International v. Investigatory Powers Tribunal EWHC EWCA Civ 1868, Court of Appeal, 23 November 2017


As all lawyers know, the great case about courts confronting a no-go area for them is the late 1960’s case of… 1,543 more words

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British spying: tentacles reach across Africa’s heads of states and business leaders

Dozens of politicians, diplomats, military and intelligence chiefs, members of the opposition and leading business figures were wiretapped across the continent.

This rare overview of modern satellite espionage could hardly be less technical and abstract, for it not only names the victims of intercepts but also reveals the scale of a surveillance operation spanning an entire continent. 1,724 more words