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Naughty Smurfs - GCHQ's Secret Deficit Buster

So that’s what Britain’s GCHQ have been up to – sending in the Smurfs to control our phones.

So far, according to Edward Snowden, we have… 346 more words


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After recently watching the BBC Panorama documentary with Edward Snowden I couldn’t help but be struck by the similarities between Snowden,s current situation and earlier cold war warriors such as Kim Philby. 597 more words


The Surveillance Elephant in the Room...

Yesterday’s decision in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in what has been dubbed the ‘Europe vs Facebook’ case was, as the… 1,360 more words

GCHQ Overfill Their Doughnut

There are so many new spooks flooding into GCHQ’s iconic doughnut building in Cheltenham that the intelligence agency is applying to build a new temporary block to put them in. 88 more words

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How easily the world's governments can hack your smartphone, according to Edward Snowden

Sending just one text, Edward Snowden claims, enables the UK and the US to furtively take over someone’s smartphone.

The former intelligence worker and controversial whistleblower… 329 more words

GCHQ's SMURF ARMY can hack smartphones, says Snowden. Again

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has given an interview to BBC investigative programme Panorama in which he’s added further detail on an array of tools named after the Smurfs* that allow UK intelligence agencies to hack smartphones. 204 more words

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The Spying Game

I know what you’re thinking…what’s that new tab at the top of Wayne’s page?….there’s the ‘Home’ tab…the ‘About’ tab….the ‘Image Gallery’….and…oh…what’s this? ‘The Spying Game’? Tell me more Wayne… 642 more words