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Mark Collins - MI6: UK HUMINT Spooks Going Cyber, Including Social Media

It’s a brave new espionage world: MI6 to recruit hundreds more staff in response to digital technology Worldwide intelligence agencies increasingly rely upon internet and social media rather … 12 more words

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GCHQ's "Great British Firewall" - let's hear them out

Instinctively, the offer by GCHQ to create a “Great British Firewall” raises the concern of many privacy and security advocates. On the face of it, GCHQ is offering those behind the firewall protection from many attacks, but the fear is that it is merely a trojan horse for some more nefarious privacy-invading purpose, such as wide-scale surveillance of network traffic. 535 more words


Augusta King (part two)

Ferdy was beginning to wonder if his kindly nature had allowed him to be dragged into some bizarre fantasy. The mother superior lent her voice to his doubts. 519 more words

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Mark Collins - Talk at Ottawa, Sept. 13: "China’s Rising Cyber Power: Assessing the Implications"

An e-mail received from SecDev: The Canadian International Council (CIC ) National Capital Branch, Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS [see end of the po… 17 more words

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UK’s Intelligence Agencies

“Secret intelligence gives the Government a vital edge in tackling some of the most difficult problems we face… intelligence forewarns us of threats to our national security; helps the Government promote international stability; provides support and protection to our forces; contributes to our economic health; and strengthens our efforts against terrorism and serious crime.”

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Fake URL shortening service was part of British online spy operation

An internet website that offered free URL shortening services appears to have been a front created by British intelligence in order to spread messages and monitor activists involved in protests in Iran and the Arab world. 503 more words

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