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Mainstream British Press Propaganda Ramps Up Dangerous War Rhetoric

By Graham Vanbergen | TruePublica | January 18, 2017

The British press are in full hysteria propaganda mode when it comes to demonising our new greatest threat on planet earth; not climate change, a global pandemic, international terrorism, or America’s new foe in the South China Sea – but Russia.

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Girls targeted by GCHQ for cybersecurity careers

Teenage girls are being targeted by GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence and security agency, in a bid to identify the cybersecurity professionals of the future. According to local media… 467 more words

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Rahasia NSA yang Dibocorkan Mantan Anggotanya

Di awal tahun 2014, Edward Snowden menjadi orang yang paling dicari oleh pemerintah Amerika Serikat, Utamanya National Security Agency (NSA).  Edward Snowden yang awalnya merupakan salah satu agen NSA, kini mengkhianati instansinya bahkan negaranya dengan membocorkan beberapa dokumen rahasia milik NSA kepada dunia internasional. 495 more words


A History of Hacking - And how hacking got America into WW1

Going by the furore in the media at the moment, one would be forgiven for thinking that the world is ending because of the likelihood that Russia has hacked into American computer systems.     1,923 more words


CyberSecurity: Problems and Solutions?

Last year while working on a proposal about piracy on the high seas, a family friend sent me an article about a major hack against a shipping company, which had occurred earlier. 662 more words


The spy who accelerated me: Meet the 7 startups fighting cybercrime with GCHQ

@tachyeonz : Britain’s spymasters have selected seven startups to work “behind the wire” with the intelligence service in a bid to fight the growing threat of cyber attacks against UK business. 6 more words


Protecting Sources & Methods vs. National Interest: An Interview with Ray McGovern

LPAC’s Jason Ross sits down with Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Ray McGovern (CIA analyst 1963-1990) to discuss the alleged Russian interference in the November 2016 U.S. 57 more words