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Friday Links

Happy Friday!  It’s been a week.

‘Utterly ridiculous’ is pretty strong language from British security services. Do not fuck with GCHQ. That includes you Spicer… 669 more words


UK -- Jeremy Fleming to succeed Robert Hannigan as GCHQ new Director

“Jeremy Fleming is a dedicated public servant whose work over two decades in the intelligence services has helped to keep our country safe. I congratulate Jeremy on his appointment as Director of GCHQ at an important time for the service.

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The end of the fourth estate as a check on executive power

The next few years will see whether 2016 marked the moment when the great Fourth Estate allowed itself to be neutered by the executive and pushed over the precipice of irrelevance. 1,495 more words


Η Μέι διαψεύδει τις κατηγορίες εναντίον του GCHQ, αλλά αλλάζει τον διευθυντή του!

Η κυβέρνηση της Τερέζας Μέι διάψευδε τελικά τις κατηγορίες που διατυπώθηκαν από τον δικαστή Andrew Napolitano, και στη συνέχεια από τον εκπρόσωπο του Λευκού Οίκου Sean Spicer, σύμφωνα με τις οποίες το  GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters ) είχε θέσει τον Πύργο Τραμπ υπό τηλεφωνική παρακολούθηση για λογαριασμό του Μπαράκ Ομπάμα. 24 more words


Brits Continue To Rail Against Trump, as Their Universe Crumbles

Against the backdrop of a crumbling imperial system of war and globalization, the British continue to scream bloody murder about the “affront” to the good name of the GCHQ (Britain’s communications spy center) spy apparatus, which really has to do with their desperation that the United States is slipping from their grasp under President Trump. 350 more words


NSA denial of Trump surveillance is just "word games" (Edward Snowden)

US president Donald Trump alleged that phones in Trump Tower had been ‘wiretapped’. The White House media spokesperson then named GCHQ as the culprit. But the British intelligence-gathering agency strongly denied this. 745 more words

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Judge Andrew Napolitano Off Air Indefinitely On Fox News

Judge Napolitano has been pulled off the air from Fox News. The reason? His statements that 3 sources told him that the British GCHQ spy agency gave back channel information to the American government of Present Trump during the campaign. 252 more words