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How secret is too secret? GCHQ surveillance and government of laws, not of men

A pedestrian is hit by a car. He sues the driver, seeking compensation for his injuries. He wins that compensation. Does this now mean the accident never happened? 1,465 more words


Mossad Bombed Israeli Embassy in London in 1994

Former MI5 agent turned whistleblower, Annie Machon, reveals that Mossad was behind the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in London in 1994 – in order to lobby the UK government for increased security of Jewish interests and frame two pro-Palestinian activists for the attack. 149 more words

'CITIZEN FOUR' A quick overview.

The other night channel 4 aired Oscar winning documentary ‘CITIZEN FOUR’ which documents whistle-blower Edward Snowdens leaking of information on the mass surveillance programs both on Americans at home and people across the globe by the NSA & GCHQ. 447 more words


Western Powers Rebel Against Truth

I watched CITIZENFOUR last night on channel 4, it’s the documentary on Edward Snowdens leak of documents which showed the mass surveillance by Western powers on millions of innocent people worldwide. 471 more words


GCHQ Lift Slogan From 'Saw' Horror Movie

GCHQ were at the Securi-Tay ethical hacking conference today, trying to lure young programmers into a career with the security services by inviting them to “ 42 more words

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Flame (malware) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flame (malware) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “”

Flame (malware)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not to be confused with Stoned (computer virus)#Flame/Stamford or Olympic Torch (virus hoax). 1,593 more words

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Massive SIM card hack might have been too sophisticated to be caught in time

A new Snowden leak a few days ago revealed that the NSA and GCHQ conducted a complex hack operation that focused on obtaining the secure encryption keys that protect mobile communications in devices with SIM cards. 445 more words