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Hello, Is There Anybody in There?

A Jaunt into the West Country Part 3


You’d think Britain’s centre for secrets would be, well, secret. But the first thing you see as you drive into Cheltenham on the A40 is “The Doughnut”; the huge, space age structure that houses GCHQ or Government Communications Headquarters, to give it its full title. 1,419 more words

New Tor Client Built by Hackers Is Designed to Beat NSA

A joint American-Israeli team of cybersecurity researchers have developed a new Tor client, Astoria, capable of safeguarding a user’s privacy, even from the NSA.

With internet anonymity becoming more and more difficult to establish, people have often used Tor, the anonymizing network to prevent their activity from being tracked. 486 more words


Orwell the Sage

We are in the middle of perhaps the greatest novel ever written, certainly one of the most frightening. George Orwell is slowly moving from celebrated author to sage and medium as US and UK governments impose ever increasing invasive methods to monitor our lives. 887 more words


GCHQ Given Licence To Hack

The government has snuck through legislation that exempts the police and security services from prosecution for hacking people’s computers. The legislation was passed into law as an amendment to the Computer Misuse act, bypassing parliamentary debate. 88 more words

Guido Fawkes

UK Government Quietly Rewrites Hacking Laws to Give GCHQ Immunity

GCHQ’s main building in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
GCHQ/Crown Copyright

If you can be held to account by a ‘law’, well just change the ‘law’ and hey presto it’s ‘legal’ though statutes are not lawful but the actions of psychopaths entrenching in for the long haul. 420 more words



Modern-day Turings at GCHQ celebrate #IDAHOT day by lighting their building in rainbow colours http://t.co/sYCCoUbtqT pic.twitter.com/sKBbSW5n42

— UK Prime Minister (@Number10gov) May 17, 2015

The modern Alan Turings at GCHQ are marking International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia with a rainbow…

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