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UK Investigatory Powers Bill: "Back Door" for Cyber Criminals

The lack of basic security of interconnected things allows third parties, including state agencies, to intercept the data shared across the Internet. The draft Investigatory Powers Bill… 496 more words


A Tangled Web

A nice pigeon-pair of posts from George Danezis, Reader in Security and Privacy Engineering (A.P) at University College, London. Well worth reading in tandem. The first being a bit of a ‘you are here’, overview of the state-of-art in cryptography and the security assumptions thereof. 92 more words

GCHQ Leaks


a double-post day! This morning I came across this article saying that BoingBoing had leaked a couple of GCHQ documents from Wikileaks Snowden Files (The files are available at the bottom of the BoingBoing artcile). 684 more words

Theatre Review: A Machine They're Secretly Building


Last night I went to see a play by Proto-Theatre at the Nuffield Theatre on the Lancaster University Campus, conveniently only a few minutes from my office. 914 more words

Joint British-American operation hacked Israeli drones, documents show

British and American intelligence services worked together to hack Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles in order to acquire information on the Jewish state’s military intentions in the Middle East, according to documents leaked last week. 342 more words

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Covert agents gaming Facebook to suppress political dialogue and censor information

Here is an illustrative list of tactics from the latest GCHQ document.

Yesterday morning whilst I was sharing this post in groups on Facebook, I received a notification informing me that my account was temporarily restricted, and that I wasn’t allowed to comment or post in Facebook groups for three days. 1,340 more words

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