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US, British intelligence agencies spied on Israelis and Palestinians, files show

Documents accessed by a French newspaper show that American and British intelligence agencies worked together to spy on diplomats, academic researchers and defense contractors in Israel and the Palestinian territories. 347 more words

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UK Tech Industry Sucker-punched By Government

As reported by The Register, the UK government has snuck a lot of flexibility into the recently passed Snooper’s Charter, concluding:

At the end of the day, will the UK security services be able to read your email, your messages, your posts and private tweets, and your communications if they believe you pose a threat to national security?

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Snooper's charter becomes law

Dark day for democracy and free speech.  Government gets ‘the most extreme powers ever’

The Investigatory Powers Bill became law this week and it is a dark day for democracy, not just in the UK, but the signal it gives to the rest of the world.  923 more words


News in brief: Muni hacker is hacked; Facebook warned over data sharing; spy agency releases data tool

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San Francisco Muni hacker is hacked

It’s usually considered unkind to enjoy someone else’s discomfort, but San Francisco’s commuters and the people who manage its Muni public transport network could be forgiven a little Schadenfreude at the news that the hacker who unleashed… 351 more words


Investigatory Powers Bill

The UK government has passed the Investigatory Powers Bill. This, according to the Guardian, “legalises a whole range of tools for snooping and hacking by the security services unmatched by any other country in western Europe or even the US”. 198 more words


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The Good Listener  2014 (Repeated 2016)
Actor: Owen Teale
Producer: Baz Temple Morris

This modern spy thriller was a Radio 4 afternoon drama that rolled over into three consecutive episodes, depicting a day in the life of GCHQ. 157 more words


US, British ‘Clean House’ to Delete Syria Terror Links

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | Strategic Culture Foundation | 14.11.2016

US President Barack Obama has just given the Pentagon orders to assassinate commanders of the Al Nusra terror network in Syria.

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