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Asmcodes: Light Message Authentication Code (LightMAC)


A Message Authentication Code or MAC is a cryptographic primitive that enables two parties using a shared secret key to authenticate messages exchanged between them. 1,394 more words


Publish Ambari Alerts to Google Cloud Messaging using Ambari Alert Dispatcher


Apache Ambari is a powerful open source cluster management tool, which simplifies deploying and managing Big Data clusters.

Ambari Server has an in-built alert management which triggers alerts based on conditions set. 363 more words

"Gcm#4" Series Acrylic/Canvas 37x37/2016 #$coreBrx

Latest Sold work “Gcm#4” Series Acrylic/Canvas 37×37/2016….

sooo, it's been a while.

Here we are, new year and all.

I’m no longer unemployed, as I had mentioned in  my previous post..thank  goodness. Although the hours are not great, I’m content with what I do. 128 more words


GCMs - Frost Feedback?

Watching birds and squirrels, on the ledge of my picture window, at the feeders each morning, is fun. They expect to be fed close to sun-up, though. 1,919 more words

Global Warming

Grab Bag - January 2017

Bits and pieces where I’d like to keep tabs on them, or something interesting happened, or it just isn’t big enough to make a whole posting. 2,947 more words

Political Current Events

GCM ModelE - Elephants Playing Mozart

I’ve done a first pass through the GCM (Global Circulation Model) Model E code.

If “With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk” then Model E is structured so that the Elephant can play Mozart while on parade… … 5,738 more words