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Kurtosis, Mpemba, Temperature and History

Just as a reminder what a couple of those words mean:

Kurtosis is the tendency for something to be a non-Gaussian distribution. Things where the sides of the curve are ‘fatter’ than usual; or similar non-random distributions. 1,561 more words

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Interesting Discussion on Models

In an article about evaluating models, there is an interesting discussion of climate as a modeled entity. Some of the things that cause the Earth to have more stability are discussed, but what caught my attention was how you can close the loop on some open ended things with rules of thumb. 1,404 more words


OpenMP, OpenMPI, MPICH decisions decisions

When things are new, a thousand sprouts form. Eventually one comes to dominate and becomes the long lived tree. (Or the monopoly or near-monopoly “industry leader” for companies). 1,667 more words

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A FAMOUS/HadCM3 Parallel Computing Paper That Has Saved Me Years

I’ve been pondering computer climate models for a while now. In particular, how to make one run in a more parallel way on a cluster of smaller computers (instead of using a giant $Millions money sucking monster made of Unobtanium and beyond the reach of Just Regular Folks). 3,919 more words

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[Statement] IMA on US withdrawal from GCM

US withdrawal from migration pact shows callous disregard of need to protect rights of migrants: Trump wants perpetration of exploitation and forced displacement

Reference: Ms. 566 more words


Why Volume Grid?

Just a ponder.

In all the computer models, they use a “grid” of volume. Most are squares (cubes in layers of square outline, some with ‘taper’ toward the poles) and at least one is hexagons. 128 more words

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Liking the MPAS code Much More than Model II or ModelE

I’ve only been into it about 10 minutes, but already I’m liking the MPAS code a LOT more than the stuff from Hansen and that “Hansen Labs” (aka NASA / NOAA / NCDC / etc.) 1,190 more words

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