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Global Compact on Migration

The Global Compact on Migration (GCM) – a global agreement being negotiated by over 200 countries –can promote safe, orderly and regular migration, but first it will need to address a number of challenges to… 1,055 more words

World Bank Group

Google Cloud Messaging To Be Closed By April 11, 2019

Spring cleaning came early for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). Google has made sure that Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) gets all the love it can have as the successor of GCM.  296 more words

Tech News

Perils of GPU Math For Scientific Computing

Or: Nvidia has a brain fart…

I’d not be so worried about this were it not for Climate Models being ported to CUDA code that uses NVIDIA GPUs for processing and NVIDIA being widely used in the vision and control systems of self driving cars. 474 more words

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Weather Without Mountains Averaged Gives Climate Without Reality

So I’m sitting in the sun on my patio, dogs snoozing on the lawn, contemplating the Winter Weather Alert for California mountains from now to next weekend and pondering Climate Models. 827 more words

AGW Science And Background

Kurtosis, Mpemba, Temperature and History

Just as a reminder what a couple of those words mean:

Kurtosis is the tendency for something to be a non-Gaussian distribution. Things where the sides of the curve are ‘fatter’ than usual; or similar non-random distributions. 1,561 more words

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Interesting Discussion on Models

In an article about evaluating models, there is an interesting discussion of climate as a modeled entity. Some of the things that cause the Earth to have more stability are discussed, but what caught my attention was how you can close the loop on some open ended things with rules of thumb. 1,404 more words


OpenMP, OpenMPI, MPICH decisions decisions

When things are new, a thousand sprouts form. Eventually one comes to dominate and becomes the long lived tree. (Or the monopoly or near-monopoly “industry leader” for companies). 1,667 more words

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