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GCM ModelE - Elephants Playing Mozart

I’ve done a first pass through the GCM (Global Circulation Model) Model E code.

If “With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk” then Model E is structured so that the Elephant can play Mozart while on parade… … 5,738 more words


Devuan and Climate Cluster Milestone

Just a short note on some hardware status.

As of this moment, I’ve got 2 x Pi Model 2 boards, in the dogbone stack / case, running on a mostly built as I like it Devuan Jessie. 2,817 more words

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Hey P.G.!

Hey, P.G.!

It worked… Yes, I finally got around to checking my email…

pg sharrow sent you $20.00 USD
Note from pg sharrow:

quote this is a test.

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Model II - DYNAM and the Dynamic Subroutines

This posting will explore the “dynamic” parts of the Global Circulation Model GCM Model II.

We saw the overview of all subroutines, a look at the… 3,056 more words

AGW And GIStemp Issues

Model II - Main Program

The top most program in the Model II GCM (Global Circulation Model) is named “Mjal2cpdC9.f”

Now “names matter”, but sometimes more than others. The “.f” tells the compiler (thing that turns a high level language like FORTRAN into the binary stuff the computer actually runs) that this is an old school FORTRAN program and to act accordingly. 6,085 more words


Model II - Subroutines

OK, it’s time to list and figure out the Subroutine structure of Model II.

I’m doing this on a new download onto the Devuan chip using userid pi. 3,375 more words

AGW And GIStemp Issues

Inside GCM Model II

Earlier I did the ‘where to find it how to get it what’s in the box’ posting on NASA GISS GCM Model II in this posting: 4,844 more words

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