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Wind Turbines are a Huge Disaster....the Whole World Over!

More on Germany’s Wind Power Fiasco

February 8, 2015 by stopthesethings 1 Comment

The Germans went into wind power harder and faster than anyone else – and the cost of doing so is catching up with a vengeance. 2,341 more words

Not Financially Feasible

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Whether they work not doesn't matter Obama wants them and we will get them. These are just "glitches" nothing to worry about ... lol

Should We Give Billions Of Dollars To A Space Agency That Denies Satellites?

NASA ignores their own satellite data, in order to generate propaganda for the White House. Their Earth science funding should be cut off, until they agree to be scientists rather than propagandists. 6 more words

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Actually the entire section should be disbanded what they do there is a perversion of science.

New UAH Lower Troposphere Temperature Data Show No Global Warming for More Than 18 Years

Dr. Roy Spencer introduced the updated and much corrected UAH atmospheric temperature data in his blog post Version 6.0 of the UAH Temperature Dataset Released: New LT Trend = +0.11 C/decade… 731 more words

TLT Update

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The corrected data fits what we experience not what the politicians tell us is happening!

Digebuki Satpam Apartemen Cempaka Mas, Wartawan Lapor Polisi (Harian Terbit)

Ilustrasi. (ist)

Jakarta, HanTer-Empat wartawan yang digebuki oleh petugas keamanan Apartemen Cempaka Mas, melaporkan aksi pemukulan tersebut kepada Polres Jakarta Pusat, Senin (27/4/2015). Keempatnya meminta polisi segera mengusut kasus yang mereka alami. 207 more words


PWJ Minta Polisi Usut Tuntas Pemukulan Wartawan di Cempaka Mas (Metro.sindonews.com)

Ari Sandita Murti

Selasa,  28 April 2015  −  00:57 WIB

PWJ meminta pihak kepolisian mengusut tuntas kasus pemukulan empat wartawan yang dilakukan Satpam Apartemen Cempaka Mas, Jakarta Pusat. 262 more words


Wartawan Dipukul, Pengelola Apartemen Cempaka Mas Harus Tanggungjawab (Okezone.com)

Muhammad Sabarudin Rachmat (Okezone)


JAKARTA Pengelola apartemen Cempaka Mas, Jakarta, diminta untuk bertanggungjawab atas bentuk kekerasan yang dilakukan petugas keamanan apartemen tersebut terhadap empat wartawan, siang tadi. 184 more words


Will Pope Francis Change Global Minds On Climate Change?

Cardinal Pell: Be Prudent With Climate Claims

When the Pope talks, people listen. But as Pope Francis wades into the climate-change debate, will he change any minds? 586 more words


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Its hard to believe that so many educated minds have fallen for the scam of Anthropogenic (man made) climate change but they have and its expected that all will come together in COP21 at the end of the year. And that will be the end of our current civilization which was and still is built on cheap energy.