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How to approach Climate Change

To be brutally honest, climate science is not a passion of mine. This by no means is a refusal that climate change exists or a dismissal of its significance; it’s just an area that doesn’t generate enough interest for me to pursue. 441 more words

Scotland's last coal-fired power station to close in March

It’s only a matter of time before increasing dependency on renewables proves to be a mistake. Details from the BBC: RIP Longannet power station. 147 more words


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A very big mistake and soon to be followed here as we close down coal and drive thereby down its worth so George Soros can buy it all up and sell it to China.

Solar activity is declining—what to expect?

Some solar theories will be put to the test in the next few decades by the Sun’s ongoing behaviour patterns.

Is Earth slowly heading for a new ice age? 677 more words

Solar Physics

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This pattern matches the model I developed in 2007 almost exactly.

Halfway to Hell? – Alarmists are Growing Desperate in Their Efforts to Influence Public Opinion


Apparently, based initially on a 1975 “first intuition” by an economist (not a climate scientist), politicians have sought to limit global surface warming to 2 deg C above pre-industrial levels by restricting greenhouse gas emissions. 1,191 more words


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If you look back 2,000 years there is a very clear pattern of warm and cold periods alternating every ~500 years. The last cold period ended around 1650 so assuming that pattern is still in play it will be warming until 2150 however since this is a continuous or wave effect we have already passed the point of rapid increases and are now is a period of slow increases. This pattern accounts for most of the observed recent increased in global temperatures.

Welcome Week @ GENESIS

We are thrilled to have students back on campus this week! We would love to have you all over to our Campus House which is here to serve whatever needs you may have all year long! 74 more words

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Genome connection manager(GCM) for ubuntu

GCM is very useful when connecting multiple remote machine over ssh.Here are the steps to install it.

wget -c kuthulu.com/gcm/gnome-connection-manager_1.1.0_all.deb

dpkg -i gnome-connection-manager_1.1.0_all.deb

apt-get install -f


1st Ever Fundraiser Golf Tournament!

Coming up in less than two months will be the first ever Genesis Golf Tournament! Save the date for Friday, September 25 for a great time! 179 more words

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