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Tools/websites to test mobile push notification (APNS/GCM)

1. Knuff

The debug application for Apple Push Notification Service (APNs).


  • Send push notifications to APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) very easily (no configuration needed at all)
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IOS Utility Tools

Global Chamber Manila: Filipino jobs threatened by Artificial Intelligence

For the past couple of weeks, digital transformation has been making headlines in the Philippines… finally!

A recent article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer has Senator Bam Aquino worried about Filipinos losing jobs to Artificial Intelligence. 261 more words

Dan Meyer

You won't believe what happened here 5 years ago...

Five years ago my Jake’s journey started at Chicago’s Green City Market. At the time I was the Director of Events for Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, IL – a small organically run farm that specialized in hosting weddings and farm dinners. 414 more words

Java Program to Implement Euclid GCD Algorithm using Recursion

The Euclidean algorithm calculates the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two number a and b. The greatest common divisor g is the largest natural number that divides both a and b without leaving a remainder. 627 more words


Glass City Half Marathon: Race Recap

I wasn’t sure how to write this race recap because it took me a while to process the race. I’ve PR’d twice at GCM before, but this year, it was not my goal race. 804 more words


Saturday School Story

Can’t hold to write about my Saturday school which is going to be closed. I never thought that I would be this sad. Sadness, imagining how is my little students’ reactions when they know that they will no longer have Saturday activities with their teacher anymore. 233 more words


Asmcodes: Light Message Authentication Code (LightMAC)


A Message Authentication Code or MAC is a cryptographic primitive that enables two parties using a shared secret key to authenticate messages exchanged between them. 1,325 more words