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php Script to send push notification in android using FCM or Firebase cloud messaging...

// Server key in Project Setting..in..cloudmessaging Tab..in console.firebase.google.com
define( ‘SERVER_KEY’, ‘BeBo****************************BebO’ );
$registrationIds = array( $_GET[‘id’] );
// prep the bundle
$msg = array… 219 more words

Google Cloud Messaging service integration

Ever wondered how you receive those notification to your android devices from the apps you have installed?  Or you might be planning to create an app that have notification service build into it. 2,079 more words


GCM16: Race Recap

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GCM16 Training: Week Sixteen

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Getting started with GCM

How GCM works:-
1> App is registered with  GCM (App registration). To register with GCM

>  The client app obtains a registration token using the… 952 more words


GCM16 Training: Week Fifteen

I’m exhausted. It’s that time during every training plan when Taper comes and I feel like it’s the perfect excuse to slack off. But looking back on my race performance that plan isn’t working. 755 more words


3 Secret Tips To Healthier Acne-Free Skin

There are many sneaky acne problems that could be easily avoided and resolved. I have Top 3 Solutions that can make a very big impact on your skin and your self esteem over all. 531 more words