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GCSE AQA - Question B

Answering the 6 mark questions on the AQA version of the International Relations paper can be tricky.  The notes below were written to help you to focus on what needs to go into the answer.

AQA 6 mark source question technique


GCSE Moroccan Crises

Attached are some revision notes on the two Moroccan Crises.  Make sure you know:

  1. What happened in the two crises;
  2. How the two crises are similar and different;
  3. 23 more words

GCSE - John D Clare's revision notes

For GCSE revision, a history teacher called John D Clare has been maintaining a revision website for a number of years.  Use the link below.  The revision notes for Unit 1 are those in the first column. 22 more words


GCSE - Unit 1 revision scheme

GCSE candidates across the country will be using their Easter holiday to get on top of their revision.  Those aiming for good grades will be making sure that they know the key details for all of the topics ready for practising their exam technique next term. 176 more words


GCSE - Causes of WW1

The causes of WW1 are complex at first glance.  But really the key thing is to realise that there was simply too much tension by 1914 for a war not to happen. 156 more words


GCSE - Alliances before World War One

One of the most significant causes of World War One was the alliance system.  The two groupings of nations were intended to counteract each other by making it impossible for either side to take military action.  277 more words