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Well its exam time...

Honestly I’ve always been completely useless at exams, dunno what it is or if i just think I’m more clever than what I actually am or whatever, but they’ve always been my biggest downfall. 800 more words


Surviving GCSEs

Before I started writing this post, I knew I wanted to talk along the subject of GCSEs partially because I like many sixteen year olds around the country am taking my GCSEs in just over a month! 992 more words


GCSE revision advice from a (complete and utter) amateur

GCSEs are really not a fun time for most people, myself included, and while I could sit here and tell you from my high horse/ actually strangely close to the ground bed, lots of very intense revision tips about sticking to a very tight schedule and being up and in the library for 9am, I would be a hypocrite. 1,183 more words



My GCSEs are in a month and I’m sitting here setting up a fucking WordPress blog.


Let's Catch Up...

Hello everyone, I’m back!

As you will have noticed I’ve been very inactive on here and Instagram. I’ve taken a little bit of time off to let myself de-stress and step away from social media. 145 more words


How to survive GCSE drama 101

( you won’t )

The studio lights blind you most days as you open the stiff door into the studio and the other days you walk into the thick black curtains and become tangled in the soft fabric as it suffocates you. 583 more words


Stress Less: College life (EXAMS)

Sorry for not uploading this week till now, it has just been a very busy week but hopefully I’ll be back on track with my blogging. 906 more words