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Eighteen: 2/6 Mathematics 9-1 GCSE 

Hello everyone🙂,

Here’s the second part of the GCSE series and this one is for maths. 

I actually really enjoyed maths at GCSE – it sort of all made sense to me, however, don’t be fooled, it required A LOT of work in order to reap the rewards. 192 more words

If the resit policy is about social justice, we need to know what a Grade 4 actually is

Thursday’s results finally showed me why the GCSE resit policy is not working – and how we can make it work

Exam day: Imagine you’re completing a test whose results, you’ve been told time and time again, will affect the rest of your life by limiting or opening up your opportunities. 1,012 more words

More students found cheating in GCSE and A-level exams | BBC News

The number of students caught cheating in exams has risen by 25% in a single year, official figures show.

Read the full story on the BBC website: … 11 more words


How do you start revision?

Adapting or adding to your daily routine can be hard work and a lot of effort for some people and with only 16 weeks until my GCSEs start (!!!!!), it is time for me to try and add revision to my daily routine. 719 more words



Nowadays it is hard to picture the future and see multiple positive things to come. With house prices going up, wages staying more or less the same and people deciding that Tinder is the way forward to have friends with benefits but have no commitment. 444 more words


Three teachers that have shaped me in some way :

1) I was probably around eight years old. I’m not sure, but maybe he was in his late fifties. 511 more words


Midnight Musings

Did any of you honestly think that my unusually-lengthy streak of writing posts at sociable hours would last? Because you were wrong – of course you were, because of course I was going to find myself awake at midnight on the night before my first mock GCSE exam, listening to BBC Radio 4 and scrolling through Twitter, sat at my desk in a cozy onesie, unapologetically awake. 929 more words