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Be kind to Each Other - You are all Beautiful.

Our house is feeling slightly more stressed than normal, and that is down to upcoming mock exams.  The lovely girl is in year 11 at school and will be taking her GCSE esams next summer – and this is the first year of the new exams  to be graded 1 – 9 with a new syllabus.  366 more words

Chronic Illness

Teaching to the Test - the Bane of Learning

This is a Telegraph article about the debilitating effect that ‘teaching to the test’ has on learning and learners. Extending GCSEs to a three year course merely swallows up more time chasing content, rather than building skills and attitudes.

Teaching to the Test




Times are busy. I did an open evening Wednesday, Drama performance Thursday and night out Friday. I have a mock on the 23rd this month then the rest are from the 4th of December until the 15th-ish. 462 more words


Life Update - How stressful is Year 11?!?!

As I sit and think about the last half-term what do I think? Let me tell you:

Year 11. Year 11. Well, year 11. What do I say? 455 more words


Isotretinoin month 4 update

So, who isn’t doing very well at balancing school, blogging and having fun? ME!!! That is one goal I have for the next half term, blog more, remember that it something relaxing to do… I will try to do it as often as possible! 495 more words


Tips for GCSE students

Whilst these 2 years are a time of growth, change and excitement, they are also coupled with exams. Anyone who says these exams are unimportant are giving you untrue information. 430 more words