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Unnecessary Pressure for GCSEs

For many of us, pressure in high school derived from GCSEs. In our eyes and of those around us, it seemed essential to do well in order to succeed further on. 397 more words


My Anxiety Story

Living with anxiety is a daily struggle for me. I have searched high and low for ways to combat it and have so far been unsuccessful. 454 more words


Let's talk about... School?

Help me friends for I have been consumed. Consumed by the mighty force that is school work. If you were wondering why I’ve been MIA a lot recently, you have your answer. 955 more words


The dreaded results day...

Many of us are now free from the stress of A Levels and GCSEs (congratulations you made it through!) but now the real worrying starts, results day. 380 more words


Staying Motivated

Something I’ve never been good at doing, is staying motivated.

Also, staying focused. Although they could fall in the same category.

During my exam period (GCSEs, for fellow British citizens reading this) I’ve found it easy to be distracted by the tempting screens of my phone, iPod, TV and laptop, and often I fell into the trap, only to drag myself away later on after convincing myself that I had a “good break from revision”. 331 more words


Good Riddance and New Beginnings

Just a few days ago I cut off my hair. Not masses, I haven’t become a skinhead, but a good 3 or 4 inches. That probably doesn’t seem entirely relevant to anything and it wasn’t supposed to be- but what I did realize was that I did it on the last day of my year 9 school year. 373 more words


20 things you'll only understand if you went to Biddenham Upper School

I’m a week and a half away from turning 25, and it’s suddenly hit me that school was a pretty long time ago. Since the days of GCSEs and A Levels, I’ve done some pretty cool other things. 2,782 more words