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Exams Are Over and I'm Back!

Hi there everyone! Oh wow, it feels so weird to be sitting in front of my computer without any revision to do… I literally haven’t felt this in SO LONG. 318 more words

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The Wardlow Post

Hello there, My name is Issy Wardlow and I have just finished my GCSE’s for 2018. I have wanted to start a blog for a while but the torments of revision has chained me to them glossy books for far too long for me to have time to make one. 134 more words


Chat-Tea 1 : Home Straight From Here

GCSEs, an acronym with more work attached than I thought possible, but at least they’re nearly over. Although at the same time they’re a lot less stressful than I initially imagined, with everyone amping up expectations into some hellish experience, and despite them being pretty bad, they certainly haven’t been that dreadful. 202 more words


Results day.

First of all, to all of those students who have either finished their GCSEs or their A-Levels; congratulations! It’s been a long while going and you’re finished. 1,052 more words

A Level Results Day


Recently, I’ve been thinking about envy. How everyone in my generation of family members has done better than me.

Two of my siblings went to university. 372 more words

So GCSEs are over...

My experience with exams for over for at least another 2 years. And I have to say… initially it didn’t seem as bad as other students made it out to be. 837 more words

Exam Stress

Exam Season | Strategies for Survival

Finally, it’s almost over — I’m almost there. Since the middle of May, I’ve been sitting my GCSE exams. For those of you who perhaps aren’t aware of the ins-and-outs of the British education system, GCSEs are the exams taken by all 16-year-olds in England in Wales, testing English, Maths and Science knowledge, as well as a range of other subjects, as chosen by the student several years before. 949 more words