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Exam Season!!

It’s that time of the year again, but this time it’s the real thing. I can’t believe it! It feels like yesterday that I started Year 11 thinking I had plenty of time. 234 more words


My GCSE Subjects

Recently I had to choose my GCSE Subjects so I thought I might share with you what they are.

Compulsory Subjects


Back To The Grindstone/The Final Push

Morning Peeps!

Today (or at some point this week) the schools go back for Summer Term….yes, summer… even though we’ve not really had spring yet! 336 more words

Latest Blog

Motivation & Productivity | Study With Alex

I have to say, this is the post I’m most excited about in this series. When it comes to revision, it’s an ongoing battle with finding the motivation to sit down and have a good productive revision session. 1,185 more words


9 Ways to Support Your Teen with Revision

It’s that time of year when students across the country are preparing for their upcoming exams. This year my son has 4 exams to sit. Scotland do things slightly differently and students complete 5 courses per year. 933 more words


Hey, First-Rate people,

I have some news, I have decided to postpone my dream of becoming a gaming youtuber. The issue is, this tiny laptop of mine just isn’t built for gaming. 234 more words

My ”English Literature” Exam Technique.

Just before I start this little piece, I’d like to say that for the record I have not yet completed my exams. If you’re in year eleven, much the same way, do not take this ‘advice’ or ‘technique’ as gospel. 748 more words

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