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April 25 2015: You Gotta Have Options...

After an initial rant about the general state of politics in the country, we spent some time talking about current market conditions, as well as what is going on in Europe. 236 more words


The happiest countries in the world, ranked

Traditionally, a nation’s economic health is measured by its wealth. But increasingly, some leaders and policymakers are turning their focus to a more human notion of well-being: happiness. 125 more words

Prancing at Prom

I’ve never really been a fan of school dances, but Prom is an exception. Tonight is my senior prom, the last I’ll attend, and I must say, there is something exhilarating with everyone dressed fancily and dancing in a beautiful ballroom. 193 more words

South Africa: Leading Light?

It’s not only fellow Africans who have had to adopt defensive postures across the “Rainbow Nation” in recent weeks. The government-owned electricity provider has found it increasingly hard to account for its rising inability to keep the lights on. 422 more words


This Country Has the World's Happiest People

The happiest people in the world live in Switzerland, a new study found.

The third World Happiness Report, released by the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network… 292 more words

How Crisis In The Energy Sector Could Spark A Repeat Of The Subprime Bust

crisis. But while $50 oil might be good for America, is there a chance that a fever in the oil patch could cause the rest of the U.S. 880 more words


Peran Asia Timur di Perekonomian Dunia

Rachmat Gobel ; Menteri Perdagangan RI

MEDIA INDONESIA, 22 April 2015

ASIA Timur memiliki peranan penting bagi perekonomian dunia. Sebanyak 22,5% GDP dunia bersumber dari negara-negara kawasan ini, dengan tingkat pertumbuhan di 2014 mencapai 3,6% dibanding tahun sebelumnya, lebih tinggi jika dibandingkan dengan tingkat pertumbuhan dunia yang hanya mencapai 3,4%. 790 more words