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chapter 3, pg 17

Some things are undeniable.
Some things just can’t be helped.
And some things are true, even when we don’t want them to be.


The Wordsmithery

the day we drove to Spain

Sometimes I find a photo and I am nearly fully transported back to that moment in time of capture. And while as is often the case, the circumstances of it may have changed, I can still remember more than what they were, but even what they felt like.


The Wordsmithery

Book: The Great Degeneration by Niall Ferguson

A short read, The Great Degeneration goes into the convergence between the West and the rest of the world. Ferguson’s underlying argument is that institutions, political, economical, and social, degenerate over time which is causing countries like the US to come down while other countries rise up and even jump ahead of the US.  579 more words


Code Like A Girl

In Australia, of all computer science graduates in 2013, 84.2% were male and 15.8% female (Graduate Careers).

With this statistic so low for females, we must ask ourselves.. 319 more words


Penurunan Harga Minyak Turut Menyeret Loonie

Monexnews – Dollar Kanada melemah terhadap Greenback seiring harga minyak yang turun ke bawah level $50 per barel setelah sesi London berakhir. 105 more words


Today’s Top 6 Business News Headlines


  • GDP Slows to 2.2% in Q4
  • S+P Struggles for Gain in Year
  • Yellen:  Rate Increase May Be Necessary By End of Year
  • Intel May Buy Altera…
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Housing Contribution To US GDP Lowest In Post-War Era

In “Underwater Homeowners Here To Stay” we highlighted a report from Zillow which showed that negative equity has now become a permanent fixture of the US housing market. 888 more words