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How to measure prosperity

How to measure prosperity

WHICH would you prefer to be: a medieval monarch or a modern office-worker? The king has armies of servants. He wears the finest silks and eats the richest foods. 1,006 more words

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The Fed Stays Put, GDP Barely Grows: What We Learned During the Week of April 25-29

The Fed does not make a move again as Q1 economic growth disappoints. Here are the 5 things we learned from U.S. economic data released during the week ending April 29. 992 more words


INDIA 2019...

Over the years, the Indian economy has undergone a remarkable transformation. It first witnessed Nehruvian Socialism characterised by the Hindu growth rates of 3-4%, followed by a reluctance of opening up in late 70s, getting its first big push with the first phase of economic reforms in the 1980s, liberalisation under Narsimha Rao and Manmohan Singh in 1991 and so on. 1,129 more words

Dashboard update: Inaction has reactions

Dashboard PDF file:

Macro and Markets Dashboard: United States (April 30, 2016 — PDF)

Dashboard update summary:

Markets closed down slightly on the week following inaction from both the Fed and Bank of Japan. 507 more words


Economy Could Sink Not Only Obama...

If you need any further proof that the current president isn’t making it as a leader, as a “commander-in-chief”, as a domestic policy leader, you need to look only at the tepid US economy. 507 more words


Why this Economy Feels Even Lousier than the Lousy GDP Print: Your Slice of the Economic Pie is Shrinking, by Wolf Richter

What happens when you start looking at economic statitistics on a per capita basis? They look even worse than the usually reported aggregate numbers. From Wolf Richter at wolfstreet.com: 477 more words


Per Capita GDP Contracts in 1st Quarter

Recessions are determined by two consecutive quarters of contraction in the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, or “GDP.”  But what if the GDP grows, but more slowly than the growth in the population?   394 more words