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[Pictures] 2018 SMD Gatewood Cape

Hey all,

I was recently at the Six Moon Designs office hanging out with them for a couple of days when their shipment of their new… 226 more words

Gear Announcements

[Released] Vargo Outdoors 'ExoTi AR2' Backpack!

Earlier this morning, March 03, 2018, our good friends over at Vargo Outdoors released their second generation ‘ExoTi’ backpack, called the “ExoTi¬†AR2“! 890 more words

Gear Announcements

Protect our Forests!

Came across this tshirt and just had to hit the buy button!


Gear Announcements

[Announced] Six Moon Designs 'Minimalist' Backpack!

Some OMG exciting news today from the folks at Six Moon Designs!!

A new backpack called the “Minimalist” was just announced. It is, as I am reading things, SMD basically taking their previous, and well-known-to-be-too-damn-heavy backpacks, and getting the weight down to be closer to many of the other comparable backpacks on the market these days… yet still using their ultimate class-defining, and what I feel to be the finest load weight distribution on the market, harness suspension system. 136 more words

Gear Announcements

Enlightened Equipment 'Hooligan' Synthetic Beanie (video & pictures)

Hey adventurers,

I got my Enlightened Equipment ‘Hooligan‘ synthetic beanie last night. Here is a super quick video showing how it looks.

And a few pictures:

Gear Announcements

[Released] Locus Gear 'Djedi DCF-eVent Dome' Shelter

The shelter that some of us have been waiting a few years to see hit production has just been launched!

The team at Locus Gear, just a matter of a few minutes ago… 149 more words

Gear Announcements

Sawyer Select Water Filters and Purifiers

Greetings Adventurers!

Our good friends have introduced a new series of bottled water filters and after some initial use of them I wanted to share a bit about them. 1,042 more words

Gear Announcements