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Battleborn Open Beta Infographic

On the heels of the Battleborn Open Beta which saw over 2 million players take up arms to fight for the last star in the universe, 2K and Gearbox Software have crunched the numbers, discovering which heroes dealt the most damage, which PVP mode saw the greatest traffic, and perhaps the most important question of all, if a little S1 Sentry Unit named Geoff ever realized his dreams of becoming Arachnis, the Spider King, Lord of all Spiders.

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Looking for a Mechanic?

In need of a good motor mechanic for car repairs or maintenance? Can’t find good mechanics around? We know just the right people for the job.

Check The E-Chopper...

The first in bicycle maker Ono’s collection of outrageously stylish e-bikes is the wild-looking Archont. The design is a three meter long easy rider, conceived with the sole purpose of providing an exhilarating experience and unparalleled riding pleasure. 202 more words


Find expert mechanic to repair a right angle gearbox

These are regularly utilized on PTO-fueled farming hardware, since the right angle gearbox shaft is inconsistent, with the standard requirement for the determined shaft, which is either vertical (as with revolving trimmers), or on a level plane reaching out starting with one side of the execute then onto the next (as with fertilizer spreaders, thrash cutters, and search wagons). 455 more words

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