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Ingredient 1 Grocery Shopping App

When you are trying to eat healthier and make better decisions in the grocery store, you can find yourself buying the same products week after week. 314 more words

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The Alpha Toaster: Wolf Gourmet's Toaster Can Do It All

Toast is having a moment. From smashed avocados to delicately shaved lox with cream cheese, folks are finding so many creative ways to expand toast beyond butter and jam. 212 more words

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HTC Announces New Affordable Premium HTC Desire Line

The HTC Desire line takes many of the premium features from the company’s flagship HTC One M9 and repackages it is a more affordable, colorful design. 758 more words

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How to Get Good Grilled Flavor When You Don't Have a Grill: The Indoor Grill Out Experiment

Afternoons spent on the deck tending to the grill and imbuing meats and veggies with exuberant levels of char is one of the glories of summer.  621 more words

Nyko Unveils Updated Modular Charge Station for PlayStation 4 with USB Pass-Through

The Nyko Modular Charge Station is something that’s actually been out already, but this year it’s getting a small update to make it more useful and convenient. 49 more words

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Catalyst Waterproof Case Review [iPhone 6]

Who here leaves home without their smartphone these days? I’d bet that very few of us could go through the day without ours. Whether for work or for play, we take our smartphones everywhere, but not all the places we take our smartphones too are electronic friendly. 649 more words


I'm A Misfit

Or, at least, the owner of a Misfit.

I spent hours and hours and HOURS searching for the perfect wearable activity tracker. I read hundreds of user reviews. 419 more words