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Ford engineers come up with Haptic Device to Help Learner Drivers When to Shift Gear.

Damon Lavrinc from Forbes has an article on a device that replaces the shift levers Knob with a vibrating knob with LED display. All done using the OpenXC hardware program.


Funky Devices

Bribe Yourself

After much hemming and hawing, I finally got my ass out on the road. How did I do it? I bribed myself. I incentivized. Whatever. Do what you gotta do to get the job done. 436 more words


Day 17


Cycling Superfood: Black or Green Tea

 Sports scientists at Rutgers University found that a nine-day supplement of black-tea extract decreased delayed-onset muscle soreness after cycling intervals. 607 more words


Day 8

Back hurts. Haven’t spun in 5 days. Bummed and anxious. Gym tomorrow. Have to break through the pain… that’s my only out.


Day 6

My back went out this last weekend from being on my bike (so I think). While I was on my trainer Saturday and Sunday I felt scrunched up and uncomfortable, a usual sign not to proceed, but I kept at my training and now I am out 2 days of spinning. 164 more words


Day 4

I am five foot seven inches and currently at 124 pounds. I would be crazy to want to lose another 10 pounds so I am going to concentrate on… 273 more words


Day 2

My friend brought in his trainer to work today and is letting me borrow it for a while. I have to get a front wheel riser from… 170 more words