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At the local hospital

We’ve not been in hospitals too often. At least not lately. Angelika was asked at the “Evangelisches Krankenhaus der Paul Gerhardt Stiftung“ here in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg, when last she was hospitalized. 1,384 more words

No matter what happens...

“No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell.” (Jewish Proverb) And going from the US Midwest to Germany’s heartland is no different. Can you imagine the poor girl, who thought I ran off with her suitcase at O’Hare International? 2,985 more words

Rainy Saturday

It’s Saturday. It’s raining softly and I’ve got time to think of this and that. It’s funny, how you pump into so many people, who have so much in common and get to make so many new friends here at the Seminary. 927 more words

Morning Pages (12)

Jedes Mal, wenn ich mich hinsetze um meine Gedanken aufzuschreiben, finde ich den Moment, auf den “Write” Kopf zu klicken, ganz wunderbar. Und jedes Mal kommt sofort danach der Ärger, weil ich keine Ahnung habe, bei welcher Nummer ich bin. 179 more words


Sermon on 1.Corinthians 2,1-10

Not knowing, who would be at the divine service this afternoon, I prepared two sermons, one in English (1Cor2,1-10 13.1.2018 OLS2) and one in German ( 88 more words

People on the way

What shall I say? These last hours have been quite a jump from O.R. Tambo to Frankfurt via Dubai and now I’m on the final stretch to Wittenberg and just getting past Leipzig traveling by train (ICE 692 which goes all the way to Berlin Gesundbrunnen). 1,054 more words

Kwaheri, my geliefde

Somewhere – it might have been the “Rapport” or “Beeld” this biography[1] of Dutch Reformed (“Hervormd” – NHK)[2] missionaries, pastors and their families was reviewed and I ordered a copy. 1,108 more words