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{Funko Friday} Funko Pops on My Winter Wish List

It’s Funko Friday! I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged about Funko Pops. My collection certainly has grown since since my last Funko Friday post in July. 227 more words


Vue js Tutorial

Vue is a progressive framework with no extra baggage.
That’s what is so important about Vue.

  • It is simple , yet powerful.
  • Vue is not one of those frameworks that is going to tell you how to do things their way.
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…because I’m not ready to talk about the election just yet.

Here’s the deal about this movie, guys:  when I walked out, my wife said to me that she had no complaints about it at all.   681 more words


My Favorite Podcasts

Whenever I’m off-desk at work, I put on my earphones and start up a podcast. It’s calming to shut out the noise of the library and focus on the hosts’ voices and their stories. 490 more words


In which 2016 is an asshole yet again: RIP, Steve Dillon

Goddamn, this one sucks.  If you’re not a comic book person you’re unlikely to have heard of Steve Dillon, who passed away today (of as yet unannounced causes; if he was sick, his family kept it quiet, and he was working up to the end) at the disgustingly young age of 54. 251 more words


Making Your Own Magic

This past summer, I listened to the audiobook version of Felicia Day’s memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). Listened, rather than read, because I saw her in person on a panel at Denver ComicCon and thought she was a delightful and engaging speaker. 409 more words


In which pods are cast

Got home from an 11-hour shift at work and my five-year-old promptly punched me in the balls, if you’re wondering how my day went.

Based on the recommendations of a couple of you in the last thread… 450 more words