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Ghost Driver? Agents of SHIELD

Yes I know! This news is weeks old now! But in my defence there has been so many awesome news stories recently that I may have over looked a few of them! 271 more words


Pop Culture League Shelfie.

The former League of Extraordinary Bloggers returns under the new name of the Pop Culture League.  I guess Universal Title was already taken.

Since the heydays of the League I have been up to a lot.   273 more words


Captain Marvel: A Green Lantern?

Since SDCC 2016 we have been very slowly getting little insights into the Captain Marvel movie development. We know that Brie Larson will be filling the space boots of Carol Danvers. 361 more words


Sweet Christmas - Another Luke Cage Trailer

It’s not that long since we saw the first official trailer come out of SDCC 2016 but just in case you were itching for more, a few days ago Marvel/Netflix released another, slightly longer trailer! 274 more words


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I am very fortunate in that my sister-in-law works in a bookshop. Specifically she works in the children’s/young adult section of a bookshop which meant I got a copy of the book delivered to me at home on the day it was released.  917 more words


How to connect Bluetooth in Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 now comes with a build in Bluetooth Module which is handy for sending files or connecting devices.

However several users have reported problems in connecting Bluetooth devices to their Pi. 107 more words