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Contestant #5, Come on Down!

Okay, so I haven’t entered any contests…yet. But if this cosplay I’ve been working on turns out as good as I think it will, I’m freakin’ entering a contest! 65 more words


Maybe Not so Harmless After All

Continuing to relive my youth with Elite Dangerous.  Finally getting the hang of the dogfighting in game.  I’ve posted a quick video of a basic dogfight using the ship the game starts you with.


The League of Scribes: Interview With Gwen Dandridge

Each week, The L. Palmer Chronicles channels the Bright Fires of Awesome from the Dragon of Shininess to open up a portal through the universe to bring you a member of… 1,337 more words


The Fine Brothers Apologize (It's Safe to Subscribe Again)

A few days ago I wrote a rather scathing blog post about The Fine Brothers who are the talent behind YouTube programming such as Teens React… 237 more words


#WeekendCoffeeShare: Vidya Gaemz edition

If we were having coffee, I’d be grateful: it would mean I was sitting down and out of the house and talking to an adult who is not my wife.   462 more words


The Fine Bros. Boycott Starts Today

Update #2: The Fine Bros. have apologized. It’s safe to #SubTheFineBros again!

Update: Since uploading this post I’ve had a chance to go on YouTube, watch content that’s still up, browse /r/videos on Reddit, and even read through a Q&A the Fine Bros. 671 more words


Nostalgia Alley: Pokémon Is Twenty (Or I Feel Old)

Hello everyone and welcome to 2016! We are in the future–well actually the present but you get the idea. It’s been a while since I’ve been here and I wanted to stop in to revisit my favorite alley in all of the internet: Nostalgia Alley. 1,064 more words