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A Late Post

With the holidays and traveling during them, I didn’t get a chance to post this.  So here is a late holiday post of another present that I 3D Printed this year.


On holding back

If you’ve been paying attention to my posts lately, or to my Twitter feed, you can probably guess why I didn’t post yesterday, and I suspect you’d be right.   470 more words


On low standards

I want my Pebble back.  In fact, after a week (?) of Apple Watch ownership, I’m kind of tired of Apple as an entity, for the first time in quite a while. 427 more words


Welcoming Baby ROKU Into the House.

Its 2017.  A new year, new beginnings, new toys!

We finally have a Roku.

Its a Roku 2, and we have the usual HDMI WiFi set up.   178 more words


Python GUI with Kivy: An Introduction

Starting a GUI Project with Python is pretty daunting task by itself. Libraries like Tkinter often mess with Programmer’s minds often creating thousands of lines of code even for simple interfaces. 522 more words


On having owned an Apple Watch for around seventeen hours

My watch, just now, upon having determined via vile sorcery that I was awake but not yet out of bed, just vibrated on my wrist to suggest that I get out of bed and move around for one (1) minute.   179 more words


In which I make poor decisions but am somewhat successful anyway

So I caved and got an Apple Watch. It was an accident, I swear; I went into the store intending to just go on a fact-finding mission, secure in the knowledge that even if I were able to pick out one I liked there was no chance of there being any Series 2 watches in stock, and I wanted to physically put my hands on the watches to see how they felt and how they wore and pick one out based on that. 274 more words