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A quick insight into my personality

Django Wexler, an author I was rather fond of ten minutes ago, just did this to me:

Math question:

If I have N N-sided dice (e.g.

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On Facebook

Let’s put the tl;dr of this post right at the beginning: where do y’all stand in terms of how much you’re using Facebook nowadays?  I killed my Clark Kent personal account … a month ago, maybe? 381 more words


I was gonna blog tonight...

…but instead I’ve spent the evening on the couch playing Super Mario Odyssey with my six-year-old.

‘Twas time well spent.



Or, as I like to call it, Shuri: The Movie, Part One.  

Guys, I saw this movie almost a full-ass week ago, last Friday, and I’m just now getting around to writing my review of it because I’ve been waiting for The Giddy to go away so that I had at least a little bit of a chance of writing something that didn’t sound like I was pausing every couple of sentences to wipe drool from my mouth. 465 more words


I am a grown person

Went to Target tonight and bought a Nintendo Switch, along with the newest Zelda and Mario games.  I have high hopes that eventually I’ll want to buy more than those two games but this is a Nintendo console so who knows. 14 more words


Learn IT Support: Online Google Course

Saw this a few days ago: Google is now providing an online Google IT Support Professional Certificate class that can get ANYONE (Hmm, but, I’m too old, right?) up to speed on becoming an… 157 more words