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Seeing red

It’s that time again–cosplay work! :) I have finished the kimono and am about to get started on the obi and belt that will go with my Naruto character Temari’s outfit. 173 more words


A step in the right direction

I finished yet another piece of our cosplays this morning. Now I have my husband’s pants pretty much finished (just need some buttons) & my kimono is done. 108 more words


The Flash - Season 2 - Episode 18 - Recap and Review

Last time out, the Flash time travelled to his own past and messed a whole bunch of stuff up. It would seem that the show is just trying to ignore the ramifications of Barry’s time meddling as no reference is made in this week’s episode to the fact that Hartley Rathaway is now a reformed villain or that the Time Wraith could still be lurking at any moment. 1,726 more words


Supergirl - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Recap and Review

It seems that Supergirl is going through a series of episodes that try to answer some of the questions that have come up early in the season. 1,823 more words


Dutch Deities for D&D pt.2

Are you guys and gals ready for part 2 of our Dutch Deities for RPG’s series? ‘Cause here it is! Last time I gave you a quick rundown on a few Dutch deities with their corresponding alignments, domains and symbols. 1,373 more words