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Things I Geek About: Disney

There are times in a writer’s life where the words just don’t flow easily; sometimes it’s because the well-spring of our imagination has dried up, and sometimes because our inspirational cup runneth over and the words spill over each other in their rush to simply be heard. 1,333 more words


Mini-Reviews: Felicia Day, Neil Patrick Harris

I usually don’t read nonfiction outside of necessity, but having access to a ton of audiobooks via my library is a blessing, and I’ve increased my nonfiction book count this way. 56 more words


Things I Geek About: Movies

If you were to sit down with me for a little chat, it would quickly become obvious that I am passionate about the arts—creating, consuming, dissecting, promoting, enjoying… Give me an art medium and I can probably write you an essay. 2,690 more words


Squad Goals: A Review of "Suicide Squad"

So here’s the thing… I can sit through a movie and be hyper critical of every little detail, expounding at length on how unhealthy X relationship is or how statistically impossible a particular action sequence is. 1,699 more words


Battle of the (Ghostbuster) Sexes: A Review and Critique

While I may have a freakishly good memory for minute details and trivia, even I can’t remember everything about my childhood (which is part of what makes psychotherapy and cognitive reconditioning so much fun, kids!). 2,923 more words


Model Behavior

Hey guys! I promised a blog post earlier on my Facebook page. I’m working on another review which isn’t finished but for now, here’s something else I’ve been thinking about posting. 228 more words

Geekly Countdown: Female-led Geek Movies

In honor of the female-led Ghostbusters in theaters this weekend, I bring to you my top choices for movies with female leads for lovers of geek. 901 more words