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"No living man am I! You look upon a woman!” 5 things I experience as a female role-player

For those of you who don’t recognise it, the quote is from The Lord of the Rings, specifically Eowyn’s response to the Witch King of Angmar (just before she kills him) when he tells her that he can be hindered by no living man. 1,071 more words


Nerdy Things To Do In Edmonton This Weekend Oct. 20-22

If you haven’t checked out DEDfest, this is your last weekend to do so! They’ve got some interesting films on display (including a very timely showing of GEEK GIRLS on Saturday!). 232 more words


DEDfest X: The Final Chapter Starts Today!

Ready for a a full lineup of horror at Metro Cinema? DEDfest starts today! See the full schedule below and the link here for full details! 122 more words


'Geek' Girls

Women have been into ‘geeky’ things and fandoms since they were created but why do we get challenged by men and other people to prove that we really are a ‘Geek’ or into a certain fandom. 212 more words

Models and Horror

Tonight We talk with actress Model Morrigan Thompson about her career in modeling and horror, and she will be joining me to discuss Cartoon Horror As well. 20 more words


Geek-A-Thon Wrap-up!

Some Context:

I have wanted to do a sleep over in the iCentre since February 2016, and on the 8th of September this year I finally got to do it! 542 more words


Interview with Geek Girls' Director Gina Hara

Geek Girls sounds like a film that would be right up our street doesn’t it? Well quelle surprise, it is! Director Gina Hara spent the past few years investigating the secret world of lady gamers, scientists and comic-fanatics, piecing her findings together in an insightful documentary that highlights the many barriers feminism still needs to do battle with. 846 more words