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The Secret Loves of Geek Girls

One of my good friends, Roberta , read and told me about a book a while ago. Naturally, when someone tells you that you should do something, you put it off. 561 more words

Book Review

What Rory Gilmore Taught Me About Being a Know-it-All

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve seen Gilmore girls more than once. When I say more than once, I actually mean I’ve probably watched the entire series at least fifteen times. 527 more words


Everyday ANGeLs

Watching Supernatural reminds that there are angels in our midst but some of them can be evil.

Not sure of the latter, but then again, there was Lucifer. 456 more words


G.A.M.E. (Geek Alliance for MacEwan Entertainment)

Ok, so I’m using the logo for only one of them but five different Macewan groups/clubs have formed a collective of sorts. Looking for nerdy options on campus? 238 more words

Video Games

All About Moi: Or, Sorry But I've Got Noth--Oh, Look, Squirrel!

Greetings, Geeklings! So, I am without my beloved partner in crime today because she’s probably comatose after a trip to the Mid-West officiating for one of her childhood friends’ wedding. 1,829 more words



I went on a little journey with some amazing ladies. Here’s my review of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls for Fanbase Press.

Reading And Reviewing

Geeky Teas Galore Are Right Around The Corner With New Kickstarter From Friday Afternoon Tea

Full disclosure: I’m friends with Friday Elliot, owner and all around badass chick behind Friday Afternoon Tea, LLC. She’s adorable, wonderful, passionate, which is all to say the right person needed to provide the geek community with some pop-culture oriented teas to pair with our fandoms of choice. 249 more words