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Costume Notes: Mulan

When will my reflection show who I am inside?

“Reflection” was the first Disney song that hit an emotion note and made me cry. It spoke to an inner struggle that a 15-year old girl knew too well. 1,626 more words


Emerald City Comicon 2015 - Cosplay Teaser!

Seattle’s convention season kicked off this past weekend with Emerald City Comicon.

It. Was. Awesome.

This was very likely my best convention so far. Between cosplaying characters I deeply love, seeing old friends, and meeting new friends, my heart was full of so much joy and love all weekend. 343 more words

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Friday Favorites #2: stuff we found this week that's pretty cool

Oh look, it’s Friday again, which means, it’s time for a roundup of things we’ve been really into this week (well past two weeks, I suppose, last week I was just too busy to do a roundup, what with work and all the PVP I was doing in Neverwinter). 1,343 more words


Discussion: Is Elementary better than BBC Sherlock?

So, in a previous post, I mentioned having marathoned the hell out of CBS “Elementary” when I should have instead been catching up on ABC’s “Agent Carter” because I am the literal worst and also I wanted something that was a little bit… chill? 1,298 more words

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Friday Favorites #1: stuff we found this week that's pretty great

Okay, so, for ages back at 3ChicGeeks, I’ve wanted to do a Friday Favorites thing. Partly because we had struggled with having a 3-days-a-week posting schedule that actually, you know, got posted, and partly because I like sharing things I like with people who aren’t necessarily my Facebook friends list, my guild, my alliance, or my favorite subreddit. 774 more words


I'll make Mulan out of you!

This is what you give me to work with?
Well, honey, I’ve seen worse.

There is an annual conversation my husband I have and it goes like this: 282 more words


Happy N7 Day!

N7: shorthand for the Normandy ship in the Mass Effect video game series.

Geek holidays are cropping up everywhere. Examples: March 14 is Pi day (3.14). 278 more words

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