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GT Power Ups! - Portable Chargers

Well back in 2014, I was traveling with a group of people and someone’s phone was about to die, so I had to lend my portable charger. 389 more words


Amazing Hawaii Comic Con 2017

“OMFG it’s Stan Lee!…. BLARGLASDJKSDJSAODJAJDKLSA” *system crash*

*reboot* “Initiating fan boy programming”

That’s what happened when I first saw Stan Lee. He came down for the other Hawaii Comic Con, Amazing Comic Con. 265 more words


Checkpoint: Other Realms

Checkpoint: A review of some awesome places to geek out.

Imagine being in an airline terminal with a golden ticket to anywhere, but the locations are not of Earth. 221 more words


Quest: PAX-Prime Conventions

Labor Day harkens the end of summer, but more so to discount sales in the malls. For me though, it will ever hold a place for me as PAX-Prime or Penny Arcade Expo Prime. 1,227 more words


Make Your Own Iron Throne for Under $25

Like everyone else, I’m obsessed with the new season of Game of Thrones. So it’s only natural that I would decide to make my own Iron Throne, right? 1,009 more words

The Beginner's Guide to Fairy Gardens

Looking to lure a bit of luck and magic to your garden or backyard? I recently upgraded my fairy garden in hopes of attracting some cheerful fairies to my homestead. 252 more words

How to Throw a Magical Harry Potter Brunch

July 31st is Harry Potter’s birthday… so why not have your friends over for a Harry Potter-themed brunch? And don’t worry, you don’t have to have a big budget or be a super crafty person to make this a magical experience. 1,409 more words