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Casual Weekly Gaming Reviews: Abraca...what?

On our recent game haul, one of the games we picked up was the hilariously-named Abraca…what?, from Z-Man games.

Players act as hopelessly inept spellcasters, trying to guess what spells are in their possession. 575 more words

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Snakes And Lattes - Still Awesome

Snakes and Lattes was the first board game cafe in Toronto I was made aware of – I can’t confirm where it lies in the order of establishment dates between the many that exist, but it’s been around for a few years. 558 more words

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Loot Crate Unboxing: Invasion!

We’ve talked about delving into the wonderful Loot Crates before, so I’ll skip on most of the details (short version – buy subscription, monthly box, geeky stuff in box) and jump right in. 175 more words

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Date Jar Diaries: Lights-Out Dinner & Games

With such busy schedules and so many things we’re saving up for (hello, wedding!), a lot of the date’s we’re pulling are inexpensive ones we can do for a couple hours of together-time. 217 more words

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The Game Haul (Part 1)

For Christmas, one gift Caitlin and I gave each other was to both pitch in for a big gift card to one of our local game stores, the one downtown with the most expansive collection. 839 more words

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Loot Crate Double Feature: Galaxy & Rebels and Rogues 2.0

You might remember when we unboxed the ‘combat’ edition of the Loot Crate, but if not, the quickest of primers:

Loot Crate is a super-geeky monthly subscription for a black box full of goodies – from all matter of media and every franchise, but centered around a given monthly theme. 392 more words

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Tuning Out (What We're Watching)

Last weekend, we did something that we haven’t done together for at least two months – we curled up on the couch and watched TV. 443 more words

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