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The Family Sideshow: Geek Love

I first encountered Katherine Dunn’s fascinating novel Geek Love in a required contemporary literature class in college. We often watched films that complemented the texts we were reading, and this novel was paired with Tod Browning’s 1932 film… 877 more words

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Geek Love – Katherine Dunn

‘And do you know what the monsters and demons and rancid spirits are? Us, that’s what. You and me. We are the things that come to the norms in nightmares. 1,165 more words


GEEK LOVE – besser anders, als die anderen

Individualismus ist in unserer Gesellschaft, vor allem unter jungen Leuten, ein großes Thema. Wie kann ich es schaffen mich von der Masse abzuheben, meinen Mitmenschen zu demonstrieren, dass ich etwas ganz besonderes bin – vollkommen anders, als alle anderen. 736 more words


ICYMI: The Geek's Guide To Valentine's Day

In case you missed it, Ethan Gilsdorf  (the author of “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks”), posted a fantastic guide last year to help us geeks through Valentine’s day. 247 more words

Valentine's Day

The Dalek's Valentine Message...

Silly Dalek, we know you’re just kidding. Right? Right? …. Right? Happy Valentine’s Day from Gabbing Geek!

Valentine's Day

Valentine Must: Geek's Guide To Dating!

Just in case you are holding off on the whole “Valentine” thing today – we thought it would be nice to bring you a handy-dandy-guide to dating. 212 more words


Hulk's Valentine Message...

We hope you too can “Hulk Smash” with someone else tonight…. Happy Valentine’s Day from Gabbing Geek!