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Book Review: Geek Love

Me? You know what they do with people like me? Brick walls, six-bed wards, two diapers a day and a visit from a mothball Santa at Christmas! 627 more words


I was saddened to hear of the death of Katherine Dunn. Here are my thoughts on her best-known novel: We Are All Freaks: Geek Love… 7 more words


We Are All Freaks: Geek Love

I was saddened to hear of the death of Katherine Dunn. I only recently read her “underground” novel, Geek Love. While it may not be what is conventionally considered horror, it is still a horrifying book–in only the best way. 272 more words

First Impressions

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this came up in my wordpress feed, katherine dunn died at 70, author of geek love. i have not heard of the book, nor the author, but it seems to be a book that has created a cult following. 81 more words

Bookishly Ever After - the book version of that great guy that I just didn't feel sparks with

In high school, the nicest boy liked me, but some terrible part of me just couldn’t like him back.  I felt like I must be a bad person because how could I not want to just embrace this wonderful human and bask in his admiration?   489 more words


The Delight of the Obscene: Katherine Dunn's "Geek Love"

Freaks are like owls, mythed into blinking, bloodless objectivity. The norms figure our contact with their brand of life is shaky. They see us as cut off from temptation and pettiness.

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Lit Fic, Awful Events, and the Tragedy Conundrum

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks joking with my friends that the Japanese are right, the number four actually is bad luck. If you’ve read my 2015 year in review, you already know that I really disliked the fourth book I read last year, and this year’s number four, Eating Mammals, while not quite as hateful, was still pretty bad. 1,514 more words