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Lex Crop at NY comic con

So a new viral marketing campaign for Batman V SUPERMAN has dropped on us, and now we have a video of Lex Crop invading NY comic con. 91 more words


These Star Wars Group Costumes Are Awesome

Liz Stanley at Say Yes shared a Star Wars style, easy-on-the-wallet (and nerves) approach to Halloween costumes:

Perfect for Halloween: evocatives outfits that are easy to create almost entirely by using everyday items. 69 more words


Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

We happened to have excellent conditions for the 2015 supermoon lunar eclipse: clear skies, warm weather, and a dark backyard for early night viewing. The best shot I got is from the beginning of the eclipse (with a little computer enhancement). 22 more words

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Water found on the surface of Mars!


If you haven’t heard the incredible discovery announced today about Mars, stop what you’re doing and read the above article.

Researchers at Georgia Tech have discovered seasonal salt water flow on Mars! 45 more words

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Heroes Reborn Review

Heroes Reborn, let me state off the bat. This wasn’t a first timer friendly show. A lot of newbies would be lost by the whole setup, story line, pretty much bitch and moan what the hell was going on screen. 925 more words

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Heroes Reborn, Can They Really Do It?

Heroes was a break through season for at least the first part of the season, it was a group of people who obtain superman human powers, it was the X-Men for TV. 354 more words

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Games Night - Aug 2015

As our next games night is just around the corner I thought it a good time to take a look back at last games night, held in the middle of August. 2,069 more words

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