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My Worldcon 2017 Site Selection Vote Is Away!

I’ve blogged before about volunteering my crafting skills for the Finnish fandom’s bid to bring Worldcon to Helsinki in 2017. (Find posts with the… 826 more words

Everyday Life

A month of geek

So, I haven’t been posting blogs in over a month. Sorry. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been reading (though most have been scanslations & I don’t write reviews for scanslations)… and it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been geeking-out (cuz naturally, it’s what I do best). 614 more words

Geek Out

RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay Crisis!

In my last post about my Ruby costume, I promised pictures of the completed cosplay. Unfortunately, I can’t deliver them. After weeks of scouring the internet, I ordered what I felt to be the perfect dress from China. 623 more words


Fan-Made Black Widow Title Sequence

For his After Effects class final project, Christopher Haley created an incredible title sequence for an imagined Black Widow movie. He writes in the YouTube intro… 242 more words


One Han Solo Mural to Rule Them All

I already mentioned this on Tumblr, but its awesomeness needs another shoutout. Cat & Kam at Our Nerd Home created this huge Han Solo mural… 25 more words


ROAD TO ULTRON 6 of 6: The MCU story so far

I’ll finally be watching Avengers Age of Ultron in less than 24 hours! I thought it was time to finish my ‘Road to Ultron’ series. Me and my sister watch all of the films in the MCU before we go to the cinema to watch the latest one. 8,343 more words


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Great comprehensive timeline! :)

Marvel Movies for Dummies: The Different Film Universes [BENEFICIAL TO MEDIOCRE FANS!]

Okay, if there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s people that think the MCU is in the same universe as the X-Men universe. What’s even worse is people that think The Amazing Spiderman films are in the same universe too. 2,006 more words


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Now I know where to point 'her' if ever she wants to know something and I'm just too tired to answer and explain. :D Thanks MarvelMovieManiac! :)