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Last chance to see: Barbara Brown fabric design

The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester is currently still showcasing the work of Barbara Brown, a major designer for Heal Fabrics in the 1960s and 70s. She had originally wanted to be a sculptor, but because she was a woman, her tutors at art college encouraged her to get into fabric design instead. 40 more words


Top Ten Star Wars Planets

10. Genosis: Moth people are lame, but this planet is not.

9. Bespin: Home of Cloud City, this planet is cool, and wealthy.

8. Yavin: home of the rebels, this planets Aztec pyramids make great rebel bases. 158 more words

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Roundup of Some Black Panther Costume Design Articles

Black Panther opens tomorrow! I am so excite! I’ve been looking forward to it since forever. Ok, not forever even if it feels like it; something to the effect of July last year is more like it. 941 more words

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Online Finds: Free Printable Harry Potter Valentine's Day Card

This printable Harry Potter Valentine’s Day card project by Nicole at Tikkido is clever – and it’s even possible to make the larger size with an optical fiber wand that lights up. 41 more words

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Superbowl Airs Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Well I don’t watch football, but I was sittin’ on the couch with my dad while he was watching the game, and I immediately recognized a star Wars trailer. 238 more words

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Super hero team #1: Super Monkey Man

So, this is an idea that may or may not work. I am going to highlight a different superhero that I invent, and then write them a crossover. 585 more words

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Star Wars Ranking

In this blog post, I will be ranking every Star Wars movie. By the way, Nerd’s Forge  did a post like this recently. Anyways, here we go. 353 more words

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