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My Latest Hero

On June 2, 2017, my Greek partner passed his Florida road test. That was a biggie! He drove to the examination center, parked the car, was taken on the road by a certified testing agent, and received his Florida state drivers license on the spot. 205 more words

Digital Rights Advocates Sue Justice Dept. To Learn More About FBI Paying Off Best Buy Informants

A child pornography case in California has grown into a strange thing over the years, as lawyers for the defendant argued — and later proved — that the FBI had been paying Best Buy employees after they found illegal content on customers’ devices. 565 more words

Crime & Fraud

The Geek Squad

Bounty hunters and government employees. Concerning those ghosts in your computer and the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, Best Buy Corporation employs, in this new Iron Curtain, with Independent Contractors, trained, directed, and paid like Booz Allen Hamilton, the Geek Squad. 1,028 more words

Justice Department Sued Over FBI-Trained Geek Squad Spies

Privacy group sues to find out more about FBI relationship with Best Buy employees who detected illegal content during computer repairs

The Justice Department was sued Wednesday by a privacy group seeking information on the FBI’s alleged recruitment of Best Buy employees to search consumer computers for child pornography during repairs. 43 more words

Windows 10, You Are NOT My Friend!

It started last week.  The updates.  My Surface Pro tablet would be downloading and updating and since I am inpatient, I pulled out my Toshiba laptop.  406 more words

Back on track

My computer is back and working great.

Windows 7 that I love is back and no more uninvited Windows 10 is on here.

All my pictures and documents were saved thank goodness. 82 more words