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[SoTAC RP] Personal Log: Lt. j.g. Marc Overfourtee; Stardate: 49000.91

“Computer. Start recording.”

Personal Log: Lieutenant jay-gee Marc Overfourtee
Stardate: 49000.91

My orientation meeting with Captain¬†Martinez and Lieutenant Commander T’Lan finished about an hour ago and it seemed to go very well. 419 more words

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Why You Should Consider Project Alpha

***This is not a paid promotion, but my personal thoughts.***

TLDR: The content is top-notch. Alpha is worth the $4.99 subscription. You should get it. 1,592 more words

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Amazing Grace - Sam's Critical Role One Shot

Sam Reigel ran a fantastic game of Dungeons & Dragons this last week. One of the very awesome parts was the impromptu chorus of Amazing Grace by Brian Wayne Foster, Mary McGlynn, and Ashly Burch. 6 more words

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Starting Out

I have a not-so-secret secret. When people ask me to say something interesting about myself, it’s one of my first comments. Somewhere in a conversation where I get going on a topic I’ll drop it in as a way to explain my absurd knowledge and supposed craziness. 299 more words

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Learning Bench 2017-09-04


I’ve been looking around at shops to buy some nice models to paint – one day when I’ll be good – and found that the… 439 more words

Learning Bench

[SoTAC RP] Personal Log: Lt. j.g. Marc Overfourtee; Stardate: 48999.55

“Computer. Start recording.”

Personal Log: Lt. j.g. Marc Overfourtee
Stardate Calculator: 48999.55

I’ve only been aboard a few hours, but I already know this will be a different assignment and ship to the Hornet, as not only is the Sally Ride a smaller ship, but it is more science-centric that the battle-hardened cruiser, and it is a lot smaller, with about one-third the crew numbers and decks. 405 more words

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