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Push Button Paradigm

Touchscreens are cool; thanks, iPhone! All glass; no real buttons to push. But I got a new device that helped me rethink touch interaction. Like… 1,012 more words


Spring 2019 Favorites

Hello everyone!

Ahhh Spring, finally! We’re still having pretty cold days around here but the snow is gone! Related, flood season is upon us, even worse than last year’s… Do you guys have significant flooding where you live? 865 more words


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25th Century Games – Website

The King has assembled the most prominent town guilds and issued them a challenge: rid the surrounding forest of monsters. 274 more words


What is your superpower?

We all have a superpower of some kind. For me, I have a few, and learning what they were has become a gift and a curse. 646 more words


Fixing the Universe

Our corner of the universe might need a little more help than just duct tape…

Anthem Fan’s Be Damned

The article below was written before the debacle of “Fibregate”, likely while I happily surfed the wave of anticipation regarding April’s big content reveal, which sadly never materialized. 1,288 more words