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“Naked Truths” Raw Perceptions


One of my early posts on my personal blog about naturism – and one that probably irritated a few of my early readers. But I have a lot more followers now, and I’m curious if these ideas are moving closer or farther from the collective truth.

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It should not be this difficult to get people to behave like human beings! How difficult is it to get this simple concept – #clothesnotconsent #nakednotconcent and that #yesmeansyes and #nomeansno ??? 40 more words



#coreytakeover After it rains the sun comes out! We watched from camp in the desert as clouds collected over Sedona, a black churning mass frantically trying to unloads its contents before rising over the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. 67 more words



A secret hidden forest oasis only an hour from the Vegas Strip…in a canyon full of ferns, waterfalls and hidden pools of crystal clear mountain snowmelt. 63 more words