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A Modern Romance Story

Let’s just get out of the typical old-school ways of romance, let’s just stop running around in the valleys, let’s just stop stabbing trees for nothing, let’s just not start singing lullabies while driving @30 mph on a lonely road. 858 more words

Partially Mine

Ten Board Games for the Newcomer

In 2016 I became a tabletop gamer. Or rather, I expanded my tabletop gaming horizons far beyond the mainstream I had become accustomed to. Anyone already in tune with the goings on here at Meeple of the Earth will already be fully aware of the positive impact this has had on my time spent playing. 2,082 more words

Board Games

Shit that Pissed me Off - 4/28

San Antonio Mayor Implies Atheism Causes Poverty

Actually, that’s not what she said.  A lot of Atheists are kind of up in arms and the thing is, I think what she said is worse than if she just targeted atheists. 1,053 more words


Let me Introduce myself...

Hello world, it’s me Kerri. Mommy Extraordinaire!

OK, you got me, it’s just Kerri, with a capital ‘K’. Nothing Extraordinary here.
(Insert sad face… 296 more words


Art Feature by Artist EF

Happy Friday Novas! I hope that you are having a fantastic week and are ready to enjoy the weekend! This past Wednesday was my birthday and hanging out with my friends and family was a blast. 223 more words

Random Blogs

Uber privacy changes ( News report )


  • Uber has unveiled new features that will help the user take back his/her #privacy back.
  • The new version of its app will have a new menu where users can control about the information the company collects about its users.
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Two Weeks Until ComicCon

The countdown to ComicCon continues, and I am seeing some progress.

I’ve managed to get Thing 2’s bodysuit finished, which is, to me, the most difficult part. 273 more words